A Coming Intifada of Arab Suicide Demonstrators

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May 27, 2011

A Coming Intifada of Arab Suicide Demonstrators

This year’s May 21st Nakba Celebration, the day that Israel was created and Arabs call the day of “catastrophe,” was the test run for a movement of mob riots and suicide demonstrators to advance on Israel.  On June 5, the day the Six-Day-War broke out, the same Pro-Palestinian leaders who were instrumental in organizing the marchers from Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Gaza, breaching the borders around Israel, are now orchestrating a much larger attempt to provoke another Israeli response by mobbing the border fences and calling for Palestinians living in foreign countries to fly to Israeli airports and cause a major disturbance.
In light of this, the fact that the Egyptians have opened up their only border crossing this weekend into the Gaza Strip, giving the Palestinians a way to freely enter and exit the territory for the first time since 2007 (when Hamas overran the territory, giving Israel and Egypt reason to close the crossing), is extremely troubling.
This June 5th “border uprising” is going to be followed in mid-June by a flotilla of 15 or more ships rumored to be carrying supplies, Pro-Palestinian supporters, and over 150 activists from countries around the world, including an American vessel famously named The Audacity of Hope.  (Please note that President Obama has not complained about the use of his book title in connection with this private boat.)  All are determined to break the Gaza Port blockade, but the NY organizers believe they have the best advantage, as an American vessel, of being able to successfully reach their destination.  And they are counting on it.
In last year’s infamous flotilla, the Mavi Marmara was carrying volunteer martyrs who used self-fashioned weapons to attack the first unarmed soldier who rappelled from a helicopter onboard the top deck.  The surprise attack worked to provoke an Israeli Navy response.  These activists were prepared to die in the name of Allah just to gather public sympathy, and at the expense of truth.  It was filmed on board by Pro-Palestinians as a propaganda video, and shown on TV by MSM for public consumption.  The same is true of this year’s Nakba Demonstrations when Pro-Palestinians claimed that non-uniform IDF pretended to be demonstrators and they started the shooting, not real demonstrators, inciting the need for lethal actions by the IDF.  (Note also the recant by Goldstone of the Goldstone Report from the Human Rights Committee of the UN.)
These events are all being structured to gain sympathy as the Palestinians unilaterally plan to declare a Palestinian state in the UN’s General Assembly this September.  Mideast Quartet envoy, former UK PM Tony Blair, has said that President Obama is “anxious about Israel’s fate” and his discussion of ’67 borders may be the reason he picked up the heat in his Middle East speeches, seeking negotiations before the united government of Hamas/Fatah pursue their statehood strategy.
The Western world must see this movement for what it is…a manipulation of public opinion at the expense of Muslims who have very little to dream about other than the 72 virgins in heaven, and a willingness to put their lives on the line.  This is a new kind of army with a surplus of able soldiers funded by Iran and its puppet regimes.  The goal is to delegitimize Israel, to present the Israeli government as killers of civilians, to build public sentiment against the State of Israel, and force a State for the Palestinian people.
With Iran’s President Ahmadinejad promising “A new Middle East will emerge without the existence of Israel or US global influence,” Western countries must acknowledge the growing influence and danger of Iran in this region as they utilize the Arabs’ centuries-old hatred of Jews as a unifying theme for the Palestinian cause.  Most of all, Obama must be prepared to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

By JanSuzanne Krasner

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