Anti-Semitism on college campuses (VIDEO)

From American Thinker.Com

March 6, 2012

Liran Kapoano

Much has been made in recent years of the distinction between “anti-Zionism” and anti-Semitism, legitimate criticism of the Israeli government and efforts to de-legitimize the state of Israel as an entity.

These battles are raging all this week on college campuses across the United States as “Israel Apartheid” Week takes place at universities from New York to California. Many of the organizers claim they are simply calling attention to what they claim are discriminatory policies by the Israeli government and that this is a human rights issue – unmotivated by any hatred of Jews.

They claim they have no problem with Jews, only the state of Israel as an entity.

But lost in the recent hysteria about the NYPD’s alleged religious profiling of Muslims in the New York/New Jersey area and renewed focus on “Islamophobia,” was a study by the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, that revealed a SHOCKING statistic.

78% of Jewish undergrads have either directly experienced or witnessed anti-Semitism.

This is on top of the annual FBI hate-crime statistic report which again identified Jews as being the most targeted religious group in America – nearly 600% more hate crimes were committed against Jews than Muslims. More hate crimes were committed against Jews than Hispanics, gays and Asians.

But statistics are not the same as real stories. So we at and reached out to students who participated in the AICE survey as well as students who were active in Israel activism on their campuses.

This video was the result.

Their words speak for themselves.

Liran Kapoano is the East Coast Director for Jerusalem Online University,

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