Australia bids farewell to its Queen

From American Thinker.Com

October 29, 2011

John McMahon

After a 10 day visit, our beloved Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Commonwealth, has departed our shores, probably for the last time as she is aged 85, to return home to Buckingham Palace.

Wherever she went and whatever event she attended she was greeted by tens upon tens of thousands of well wishers and admirers, in many cases up to 20 deep.

Her farewell public barbeque today in Perth, Western Australia, attracted a joyful crowd of 100,000 of all ages, from babies, children, youth, mums and dads and the elderly and from many Races including Sudanese, and from Australians of all political persuasions. Her visit was telecast across the World to 40 Nations. She is a magnificent unifying force indeed.

The principal reason for her visit was to open CHOGM , Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting – this family of Nations comprises some 54 countries from all points across the Globe.

Wouldn’t Obama be envious of the adulation, admiration and the sustained popularity that the Queen has enjoyed since her Coronation in 1953? She has made 16 visits to our shores as Queen and is more welcome than ever. Wouldn’t he just love to draw the crowds that Her Majesty does!

Today Obama is yesterday’s man; after almost 60 years the Queen is as much loved as ever.

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