Canadian School Hosting Muslim Prayer Time

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According to one activist, a Canadian middle school’s decision to allow Muslim prayers during school hours is an Islamic “encroachment” on Western civilization.

Every Friday, the cafeteria at Valley Park Middle School in Toronto is transformed into a prayer room for Muslim students. According to Jihad Watch, local imams come to lead Muslim boys in Islamic prayers, and staff members assist in setting up the event.

Brigitte Gabriel is the founder of ACT! for America and author of They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It. She says the prayers are unnecessary because Islamic prayers can actually accumulate.

“When they cannot pray, they can gather all the prayer times and do them all at once,” she explains. “If they can do that in Islamic countries, how come they cannot do it in Western countries?”

The school claims the Muslim students used to sign out of school early to attend Friday prayers at a local mosque. So to accommodate them, the prayers were brought to the school. Gabriel reports that ACT! for America has exposed a similar incident that took place at Tiza Academy in Minnesota, which is a taxpayer-funded charter school that also held Islamic prayers in the cafeteria and allowed students to participate in the ritual washing of hands and feet before prayer. When her organization sounded the alarm, al-Qaeda issued an urgent press release that called for ACT! for America to be stopped.

“Why would an organization like al-Qaeda be so concerned about what’s happening at a little, small academy called Tiza Academy in Minnesota?” she wonders. “But what we are seeing right now is basically an encroachment of Islamic practices and sharia Islam encroaching in North America and in all Western nations. And it is all by design; this is not independent incidences.”

The prayers begin after lunch on Fridays, when all non-Muslim students have returned to class.

– Prophecy News Watch

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