This Sickness is not unto Death

John 11:4 This sickness is not unto death. From our Lord’s words we learn that there is a limit to sickness. Here is an “unto” within which its ultimate end is restrained, and beyond which it cannot go. Lazarus might pass through death, but death was not to be the ultimatum of his sickness. In all sickness, the Lord said to the waves of pain, “Hitherto shall you go, but no farther.” His fixed purpose is not the destruction, but the Continue Reading

Fifteen Things You Probably Do Not Know about Psychopaths

From American Thinker.Com June 27, 2014 By James G. Long Have you ever worked for someone who you seriously thought might be crazy?  About half of all workers have such an experience within a lifetime.  The other half misses out on one of life's most perplexing and educational opportunities. The subject is psychopathy.  Knowledge and understanding of psychopathy is now advancing, and at an accelerating rate, after a Continue Reading

20 Proofs Sickness Satan’s Work

Job 2:7 So went Satan forth from the presence of the Lord, and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown. [Dake] This is plain enough for all to understand if they will – that Satan is the author and propagator of sickness and disease among men. [Dake A.R.B. – page 523] 1. Satan smote Job with sore boils [Job 2:7] 2. God turned the captivity of Job [Job 42:10] 3. Dumb man possessed with ‘a devil’ [Matt. Continue Reading

The Great Physician and his patients

‘They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.’ Matthew 9:12 Suggested Further Reading: Ephesians 2:8–10 ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.’ That is the gospel—‘He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; he that believeth not shall be damned;’ so that those who are bidden to believe are evidently those who deserve to be damned. Need alone quickens the physician’s footsteps, bringing Jesus from the Continue Reading

At Issue – Health

Daniel 1:8–16 Daniel could have tried to justify eating the defiled food—after all, what else would he eat, and was this issue really worth taking a stand on? Yet Daniel knew that honoring God above all else should permeate every area of his life, including his diet. For Daniel, it was likely that the foods in question didn’t correspond with Jewish dietary laws and parts of the food had been sacrificed to idols. While our issues are Continue Reading

At Issue – Illness

Isaiah 38:15–19 Sometimes we need a wake-up call to remind us what’s important. Hezekiah’s call came in the form of a terminal illness. Seeing that his life was about to end, he was reminded that life is a gift. He realized that life is meant to be lived fully by walking humbly before God, praising him and speaking of his faithfulness to others. God gave Hezekiah 15 more years to live, and Hezekiah chose to make the most of that time. It’s Continue Reading

The Armageddon Virus: Experts Fear A Disease That Leaps From Animals To Humans Could Devastate Mankind In The Next Five Years

From Daily Mail.Co.Uk The symptoms appear suddenly with a headache, high fever, joint pain, stomach pain and vomiting. As the illness progresses, patients can develop large areas of bruising and uncontrolled bleeding. In at least 30  per cent of cases, Crimean-Congo Viral Hemorrhagic Fever is fatal. And so it proved this month when a 38-year-old garage owner from Glasgow, who had been to his brother’s wedding in Afghanistan, became the Continue Reading

Viruses Viruses everywhere

From KHouse.Org Bats may be the source of a new respiratory virus that has killed one man and left another in critical condition. A World Health Organization spokesman said that WHO is not aware of any cases of the virus' passing from human-to-human, and there have been only two confirmed cases, but the deadliness of the bug has health officials working to put a stop to any future infections before they start. While smallpox may have Continue Reading

Anthrax in Russia, Hantavirus in Yosemite

From KHouse.Org Anthrax in Russia: Thirteen people have now been hospitalized, and three have been confirmed infected, after anthrax bacteria were discovered in the human population in the village of Druzhba in southern Siberia's Altai region on Saturday. A state of emergency has been declared and the disease has claimed one life, but the local Russian government assures the public that the outbreak is "under control and localized." Continue Reading

Ebola in Uganda, Jurassic Germs in Georgia

From KHouse.Org A new Ebola outbreak has killed 14 people in Uganda with a total of 36 cases diagnosed as of Wednesday.  Since 1976, Ebola has been dreaded for its high fatality rate and for its causing internal and external bleeding in its sufferers. Yet, because Ebola's various strains can only be communicated by direct contact with bodily fluids, and because it does its damage quickly, efforts to contain Ebola have proved Continue Reading