Never Again

Never Again from the May 02, 2016 eNews issue by Dr. Steve Elwart (Image: Israeli Embassy, New York) “I will plant the people of Israel in their own land, never again to be torn out of their land that I gave them.” says the LORD your God. — Amos 9:15 (ISV) The evening of Wednesday, May 4, marks the start of Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah). It falls on the 29th of Nisan, a week before Yom Ha-Atzma’ut Continue Reading

It Would Have Been Enough

It Would Have Been Enough from the April 25, 2016 eNews issue The Sarajevo Haggadah (Image: Wikipedia) If He had brought us out of Egypt, It would have been enough. If He had executed justice upon the Egyptians, It would have been enough. If He had executed justice upon their gods, It would have been enough. If He had slain their first-born, It would have been enough. If He had given to us their health and Continue Reading

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah   Last night, (Sunday) at sunset Jewish families all over the world celebrated Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights. Hanukkah begins on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev and lasts eight days. The word Hanukkah means “dedication” and the holiday commemorates the re dedication of the Temple in 165 B.C.. Because of its Biblical and prophetic importance, we thought it would be right to explore the origin and Continue Reading

A New Wave of Terror

A New Wave of Terr0r (Photo Credit: Pamela Geller) Pray for peace for Jerusalem: “May those who love you be at peace! May peace be within your ramparts, and prosperity within your fortresses.” For the sake of my relatives and friends I will now say, “May there be peace within you.” For the sake of the Temple of the LORD our God, I will seek your welfare. — Psalm 122:6–9 (ISV) A new wave of violence erupted across Israel in recent Continue Reading

China’s Schindler

China’s Schindler   (Photo Credit: Yad Vashem) Righteous Gentiles In Jerusalem, there is a museum dedicated to the Jewish victims of the Nazis. It is the world’s largest repository of information on the Holocaust. The main building contains an enormous archive of artifacts, maps, diaries, personal belongings, firsthand testimonies, and other information on World War II, displayed chronologically. Video monitors show survivors Continue Reading

Historic Agreement of Historic Mistake?

Historic Agreement of Historic Mistake? (Note: Aviel Schneider is the Chief Editor of Israel Today, a Jerusalem Messianic magazine. This is a reprint of a cover story that first appeared in the August 2015 issue of the magazine.) From the Israeli perspective, the world powers were outsmarted and duped by Shiite Iran. Sunni Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the Persian Gulf states agree. This deal means “the end of the Arab Continue Reading

Israel: We’ll Party Like It’s 5776

We’ll Party Like It’s 5776 You are to hold a sacred assembly on the first day of the seventh month of each year. No servile work is to be done. It’s a day of blowing trumpets for you. — Numbers 29:1 (ISV) This year the Jewish feast of Rosh Hashanah (ראֹשׁ הַשָׁנָה) (Feast of Trumpets) began the evening of Sunday, Sept. 13 and ends tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 15. It marks the beginning of the Jewish year 5776. Rosh Hashanah (literally, Continue Reading

Tisha b’Av (תִּשְׁעָה בְּאָב)

Tisha b’Av (תִּשְׁעָה בְּאָב) This weekend, Jews around the world commemorated Tisha b’Av or the ninth day of the month of Av (July–August). It is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar. It is a fast day that marks the anniversary of the destruction of the First Temple by the Babylonians in 586 BC and the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 AD. Tisha b’Av eventually became a symbol for all the catastrophes that have befallen the Jewish people Continue Reading

Three Jewish Holidays

Three Jewish Holidays Two major events in the Twentieth Century added three holidays to the Jewish calendar. These holidays are coming up this month. Those soul-shattering and exalting events were the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel. April 16, 2015 – Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) In 1951, the government of the State of Israel established the 27th of Nisan (April 16 this year) as the date to commemorate the Continue Reading

Israel never lost their Identity

Numbers 23:9 For from the top of the rocks I see Israel, and from the hills I behold him. Lo, the people [of Israel] shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned and esteemed among the nations. The literal fulfillment of this prophecy has been obvious during the whole more than thirty-four centuries since it was spoken. The Jews have always been separate as a nation from other peoples. Though conquered many times, they have never been Continue Reading