Men of The Bible – Gideon

Gideon ====== His name means: "Hewer, Slasher, Hacker" His work: A farmer called to bring Israel back to the Lord (a task in which he partially succeeded) and to deliver God's people from their Midianite oppressors. His character: A fearful man, living in a time when Israel had plenty to fear, Gideon questioned the Lord, demanding signs that would reassure him of God's faithfulness. Even though he was a reluctant warrior, he won a Continue Reading

Men of the Bible: Isaac

Men of the Bible Isaac ===== His name means: "He Laughs" His work: Isaac was an accomplished farmer and herdsman. His character: The only son of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac at a young age witnessed, through the faithfulness of his father, the meaning of obedience. He was gentle and hardworking. His sorrow: As an old and feeble man, Isaac was victimized by the deception of his son Jacob and to his later dismay gave him the blessing that Continue Reading


His name means: "May He [God] Add" His work: Joseph was a working man who supported his family through the trade of carpentry. His character: A man who traced his ancestry back to David, Joseph was just, compassionate, and obedient to God. Though poor, he was a good husband and father, providing for and protecting his family. His sorrow: That Herod the Great tried to murder his son, Jesus. His triumph: To be used by God to protect and Continue Reading

Faithful through the Ages: Jerome – Monk, Scholar and Bible Translator

Quote: "Make knowledge of the Scripture your love and you will not love the views of the flesh." "Make knowledge of the Scripture your love and you will not love the views of the flesh." These are the words of Jerome (c. 331 - 420), who is regarded by some as the greatest of all translators of the Bible. He was far more than a Bible translator, however. In addition to his Latin Vulgate version of the Bible, he wrote numerous biblical Continue Reading

David and Jonathan

1 Samuel 18:1 And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. David and Jonathan became fast friends from this time on. Jonathan was possibly 40 years when he met David and 55 when he died with Saul [Sam. 31:1-13]. Ish-bosheth, the youngest son of Saul was 40 when he began to reign [2 Sam. 2:10]. The love of Continue Reading

Men of the Bible: Amram

Amram [Ăm'răm]—exalted people or inexperience. A grandson of Levi, son of Kohath and father of Aaron, Moses and Miriam. Amram died at 137 years of age (Exod. 6:18, 20). A son of Bani, who married a foreign wife during the exile (Ezra 10:34). A son of Dishon and grandson of Anah (1 Chron. 1:41). This name should be Hamram or Hamran. - Bible Gateway.Com Continue Reading

Men of the Bible: Amasa

Amasa [Ăm'asă]—burden-bearer. The son of David’s half-sister Abigail whom Absalom made captain of his rebel army (2 Sam. 17:25; 19:13; 20). Amasa was completely defeated by his cousin Joab in the forest of Ephraim (2 Sam. 18:6-8). David not only forgave Amasa but gave him Joab’s place (2 Sam. 19:13). Joab treacherously slew him (2 Sam. 20:9-12). The name of an Ephraimite who with others resisted the bringing into Continue Reading

Men of the Bible: Gideon, Gedeon

Gideon, Gedeon [Gĭd'eon, Gĕd'e on]—a cutting down, he that bruises or great warrior. A son of Joash of the family of Abiezer, a Manassite, who lived in Ophrah and delivered Israel from Midian. He is also called Jerubbaal, and judged Israel forty years as the fifth judge (Judg. 6; 7; 8). The Man of Might and Valor Without doubt Gideon is among the brightest luminaries of Old Testament history. His character and call are presented in a series of Continue Reading

Men of the Bible: Seraiah

Seraiah [Sĕra ī'ah]—jehovah is prince, the lord is my prince, or soldier of the lord. One of king David’s scribes (2 Sam. 8:17; see 1 Chron. 18:16 for Shavsha). The son of Azariah and chief priest at Jerusalem when Nebuchadnezzar took it. This Seraiah, along with other renowned captives, was put to death at Riblah (2 Kings 25:18; 1 Chron. 6:14; Ezra 7:1; Jer. 52:24). A son of Tanhumeth, from Netophah, whom Gedaliah advised Continue Reading

Men of the Bible: Micaiah, Michaiah

Micaiah, Michaiah [Mīcā'iah,Mī chā'iah]—who is like jehovah. Here is a name occurring many times in the Old Testament and used of women as well as men. It is spelled in different ways. See MICA and MICAH. A prophet, son of Imlah, who foretold the fall of Ahab at Ramoth-gilead (1 Kings 22:8, 9; 2 Chron. 18:8). There are no truer hearts to God than his. Carefully compare the three great prophets of 1 Kings—Ahijah, Elijah and Continue Reading