Looking Out For the Single Mom

“Look after orphans and widows in their distress.” James 1:27 Many years ago I was working around the house when a knock came at the door. When I opened it, there stood Sally, a young woman in her late teens. “I’m selling brushes,” she said, “and I wonder if you’d like to buy any.” I told her politely that I wasn’t interested in buying anything that day, and Sally said, “I know. No one else is, either.” With that, she began to cry. I invited Continue Reading

PJ Media: News Index – 26th April 2014

From PJ Media.Com Another? Eric Cantor’s Top Consultant Given $1.13M by Virginia GOP By David Steinberg After learning that newly installed Virginia GOP Executive Director Shaun Kenney is on Eric Cantor’s payroll, Virginia Republican voters are now hearing that a company run by Cantor’s top consultant, Ray Allen, is wealthy from party Continue Reading

PJ Media: News Index – 26th March 2014

From PJ Media.Com Hiding in Plain Sight: Jihadi Activism on Twitter By Roger Farhat Well into the new millennium, radical Islamist propaganda has found a popular platform for terror groups to disseminate their messages with relative ease, while reaching out to a wider audience than they ever could Continue Reading

Jihad Watch: News Index – 9th February 2014

From Jihad Watch.Org New moderate Iranian TV airs simulated bombing of Tel Aviv, US aircraft carrier Feb 09, 2014 03:13 am | Robert Spencer If anything, since concluding their nuclear agreement with the U.S., the new moderate Iranians have only grown more bellicose. Clearly they think, as Hitler did after humiliating Neville Chamberlain at Munich, that their foes are weak, spineless, and anxious to appease them. Like Hitler after Continue Reading

Gracious renewal

‘Renew a right spirit within me.’ Psalm 51:10 Suggested Further Reading: 2 Thessalonians 2:13–15 Let us be moved today to renew our covenant with Christ, or rather to ask him to renew our spirit, because every covenant transaction binds us to it. You believe in the doctrine of election. We do not blush to preach it, and you love to hear it. What does election mean? It means that God has chosen you; very well, if it be so, then you will Continue Reading

Plenteous redemption

“With him is plenteous redemption.” Psalm 130:7 Suggested Further Reading: Galatians 4:1-7 This “plenteous redemption” is plenteous, because it is enough for all the distresses of the saints. Your wants are almost infinite; but this atonement is quite so. Your troubles are almost unutterable; but this atonement is quite unutterable. Your needs you can scarce tell; but this redemption I know you cannot tell. Believe, then, that it is Continue Reading

The Ocean Thermometer reveals Global Warming Lies

From American Thinker.Com December 8, 2013 Viv Forbes The UN IPCC and others with a vested interest in the global warming scare have not bothered to check what sea level evidence says about global temperature changes. Sea levels are very sensitive to temperature changes, and the oceanic indicators are currently reading "steady". So are all other thermometers. Apart from bubbles of heat surrounding big cities, the Continue Reading

Important News Headlines – 18th November 2013

From KHouse.Org Important News Headlines Sun’s flipping poles could mean lights out for U.S. - November 18, 2013 A vulnerability test by the electric-power industry of the national electrical grid shows the system would fail during certain catastrophes – and would fail even if only some of the impacts of certain catastrophes were experienced. WND PA: No Peace Without Full “Right of Return” - November 18, 2013 At a joint press Continue Reading

Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon – 28th September

Morning "The Lord looketh from heaven; he beholdeth all the sons of men." Psalm 33:13 Perhaps no figure of speech represents God in a more gracious light than when he is spoken of as stooping from his throne, and coming down from heaven to attend to the wants and to behold the woes of mankind. We love him, who, when Sodom and Gomorrah were full of iniquity, would not destroy those cities until he had made a personal visitation of them. We Continue Reading

The Loneliness of the Christian

by A.W. Tozer The loneliness of the Christian results from his walk with God in an ungodly world, a walk that must often take him away from the fellowship of good Christians as well as from that of the unregenerate world. His God-given instincts cry out for companionship with others of his kind, others who can understand his longings, his aspirations, his absorptions in the love of Christ; and because with his circle of friends there are Continue Reading