Apostasy Rising: 4 Denominations In Less Than A Week Defy God’s Word

From Prophecy News Watch.Com The United Church of Christ (UCC) bills itself as "the church where God is still speaking." Apparently, God's Word is falling on deaf ears of the leadership. The UCC, which considers itself a mainline Protestant denomination—claiming over 1 million members and about 5,200 congregations in the U.S.—proudly announced it will serve as a major sponsor of the Gay Games. The UCC will now go down in Christian Continue Reading

Characteristics of Hypocrites

Matthew 23:2-3 Saying, the scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses seat. All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say and do not. 1] Demand respect as teachers [v2]. 2] Teach, but do not practice [v3]. 3] Demand service, not give it [v4]. 4] Seek praise of men [v5]. 5] Parade their religion [v5]. 6] Seek chief banquet places [v6]. 7] Seek chief places in Continue Reading

Using The Bible To Justify Abortions

From Prophecy News Watch.Com Planned Parenthood, not content to justify the killing of the unborn, is now issuing a “pastoral letter” to prospective abortion clients that suggests that the Bible has nothing to say about abortion – and that God “and is with you no matter what you decide” – suggesting that God doesn’t care whether you kill or keep your baby because it’s just you that He loves and cares about anyway. Perhaps a comparison Continue Reading

A Mosque, a Synagogue, and a Church: What Could Go Wrong?

From American Thinker.Com June 8, 2014 By Joe Herring The Tri-Faith Initiative in Omaha is a project that raises questions.  The planned co-location of a synagogue, a mosque, and a church on the same campus is a novel enough idea to stir curiosity.  Add in connections between the proposed mosque and groups that have been named as unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terror-financing trial in our nation’s history, and it becomes Continue Reading

Atheists To Launch TV Channel And Assemblies

From Prophecy News Watch.Com The New York Daily news has recently reported that a New Jersey-based atheist group is starting the first on-demand TV channel dedicated to godlessness. AtheistTV will be launched this summer by Members of American Atheists with big plans to reach out to atheists, humanists, freethinkers, and folks who are looking for a way out of faith. Spokesman Dave Muscato stated that they are also looking to fill the Continue Reading

Jesus Wife Document

From KHouse.Org Some fakes are just too good to pass up. Just in time for Easter, a story from 2012 resurfaced. Story concerned Jesus Christ’s wife – yes, his wife. When it first hit a few years ago, the story was a big deal. Scholors said that the papyrus fragment would ““shake the foundations of Christianity”. The discovery became the subject of a Smithsonian Channel special. The fragment was dated to the fourth-century A.D. Continue Reading

Scripture Revisionists Sue North Carolina To Force State To Accept Gay Marriage

From Prophecy News Watch.Com In recent years, we have witnessed a stark increase in the numbers of incidents where legal pressure has been exercised against churches that honor Biblical doctrine, demanding conformity to secular standards in states where same-sex civil unions have been legally recognized. Churches have come under increasing scrutiny for refusing to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies. Yet in a disturbing new federal Continue Reading

Christians ‘Crucified Again’ for Refusing Islam

From American Thinker.Com May 7, 2014 By Raymond Ibrahim To the awe of its readership, a recent Daily Mail article reports that the “jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and Levant [ISIL],” which is currently entrenched in Raqqa, Syria, “publicly crucified two Syrian rebels in northeastern Syria in revenge for a grenade attack on members of their group.” While the Daily Mail is to be commended for exposing these brutal acts – along Continue Reading

Are We in a “Post Christian” Era?

From KHouse.Org The former archbishop of Canterbury Lord Williams caused a stir in World Christianity when he said that Britain is no longer a country of believers but rather has entered a post-Christian era. When asked if Britain was a Christian Country, the former cleric said, “A Christian country as a nation of believers? No. A Christian country in the sense of still being very much saturated by this vision of the world and shaped by Continue Reading

China Attempts To Curb The Rapid Growth Of Christianity

From Prophecy News Watch.Com The Christian Church in China is growing by leaps and bounds, capturing the attention of the country’s Communist Party leaders, who are alarmed at the rapid rise in sheer numbers of Christ followers. A survey by Tea Leaf Nation of the Asian country’s social media platform, Weibo, found that Chinese censors are permitting more Christian-themed tweets on the site – a Chinese version of Continue Reading