Archaeologist: Discovery of Historic Israeli Jar Fragment Confirms Bible’s Reliability

From Christian News.Com A renowned Israeli archaeologist has announced the discovery of an earthenware jug from the Davidic era that features the oldest alphabetical text ever unearthed in Jerusalem. Dr. Eilat Mazar is a professional archaeologist with a track record of remarkable Israeli discoveries, especially in and around Jerusalem. In 2005, she uncovered several remnants believed to be from the palace of King David. In 2007, Mazar Continue Reading

British Praise for Ancient Mesopotamian Tyrants

From American Thinker.Com July 14, 2013 By Geoffrey Clarfield The British Museum has recently assembled a sumptuous visual feast of an exhibit of the material culture of ancient Mesopotamia for the general public called Mesopotamia -- Inventing Our World. You can see it now at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada. The underlying theme of the exhibit is that Mesopotamia (the land in and around modern Iraq, including its desert Continue Reading

Archaeologists Believe They May Have Found Where the Tabernacle Housing the Ark of the Covenant Once Stood

From The Blaze.Com In the Bible during the Hebrews’ 40 year trek in the wilderness, the Tabernacle was described as a movable tent which housed the Ark of the Covenant and accompanied the Israelites as they made their way to the Promised Land. Now, archaeologists in Israel say they think they’ve discovered one place where the Tabernacle – also known as the Tent of Meeting – was parked, a discovery that has political significance Continue Reading

Do Parts of Herod’s Temple still exist?

From KHouse.Org The Romans destroyed Herod’s Jerusalem Temple in 70 C.E. Is it possible that some of the wooden beams from his Temple Mount have survived—and may be identified? Some archeologists believe this may be the case. In their May/June Edition of Biblical Archaeology Review, archaeologist Peretz Reuven studied beams removed from the Al-Aqsa Mosque and concluded that some of the beams may date back to the Temple. Wooden Continue Reading

‘Gate To Hell’ Discovered In Antichrist’s Neighborhood

From WND.Com A significant recent archeological discovery in western Turkey may hold a prophetic hint as to the nation from which the Antichrist will someday burst forth onto the world scene. According to a recent report by Fox News, archeologists have uncovered the ancient “gate to hell.” Not literally, of course, but rather they’ve discovered an ancient pagan temple known as “Pluto’s Gate,” the cave that was believed to be the portal Continue Reading

Young Islands, Canyons and Dinosaurs

From KHouse.Org According to most respected geologists, the Earth is 4.7 billion years old, give or take a few days. Suggesting that the Earth is much younger can raise the ire of even the most chipper, likeable geology professor. Yet, there is evidence that geological processes can take place in a much shorter time span than historical geologists tend to assume, and odd things have been found out of place – in the wrong time and the Continue Reading

Titanic Discoverer Finds Evidence of Biblical Flood

From Christian Post.Com Ocean explorer Robert Ballard, who is responsible for the discovery of the Titanic shipwreck, says he may have discovered evidence of the Great Flood described in the Book of Genesis. Ballard is now on a mission to find evidence that the "mother of all floods" actually occurred, he told Christiane Amanpour of ABC News. "We went in there to look for the flood," he told ABC News. "Not just a slow moving, advancing Continue Reading

Homo Erectus in Java: Just as Human as ever

From KHouse.Org The days of November 14-18, the Kota Kasablanka shopping mall in South Jakarta enjoyed a display of ancient human skeletons, a gift to the community from the conservation office of the Sangiran Early Man Site. Java is famous for Java Man, discovered by Eugene Dubois who was on the hunt for the missing link between humans and apes. The Sangiran Early Man Site is known for the many early human fossils found there, along Continue Reading

Quake Reveals Day Of Jesus’ Crucifixion, Researchers Believe

From MSN BC MSN.Com Geologists say Jesus, as described in the New Testament, was most likely crucified on Friday, April 3, in the year 33. The latest investigation, reported in International Geology Review, focused on earthquake activity at the Dead Sea, located 13 miles from Jerusalem. The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 27, mentions that an earthquake coincided with the crucifixion: “And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he Continue Reading

Israelite Pottery may refer to King Saul

From KHouse.Org Thousands of people once flooded the stands of the Colosseum in Rome through its 84 hallways, piling in like so many hounds on the scent of blood. While no entrance fee was required to watch the day's entertainment, the inevitable shoving and general chaos was alleviated by a highly practical ticket seating system. The Romans placed aisle, row, and seat numbers on pieces of broken pottery to direct spectators to their Continue Reading