Will Transhumanism Deceive even the Elect?

From KHouse.Org Recently, I wrote an article in World Net Daily on a new book out on Transhumanism. The book is titled, Transhumanism: Man’s New Quest for Immortality by Martine Rothblatt. The book was not about the technology behind Transhumanism, but the ethics. The basis of the book deals with the area of Transhumanism where one would upload their consciousness up into a computer clone. This “cyberconscious” or “mindclone” would Continue Reading

Biometrics in our Eyes

From KHouse.Org Saudi Arabian schools will be required to start collecting biometric information from their students during the next two years in order to more thoroughly monitor student attendance. The new mandatory technologies will be introduced in three phases over two years. In the meanwhile, parents in North Adams, Massachusetts have privacy concerns associated with the implementation of a new finger-scanning system in the Continue Reading

Will Parents Now Take the “Pick of the Litter”?

From KHouse.Org In today’s world of advanced biotech, there are endless possibilities. In the area of procreation, the possibilities are not only endless, but positively terrifying as newborn infants are now being treated like commodities as the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Last year, an unmarried Australian couple contracted with a Thai woman, Pattharamon Janbua (21), to act as a surrogate for their children. In return, Janbua was to Continue Reading

Transhumanism – The Quest For Immortality

From Prophecy News Watch.Com Transhumanism has some spotlight at present with the release of Johnny Depps new film, Transcendence. Critics are not giving it the thumbs up though and the spotlight may be short lived. Transhumanism is the movement whose goal it is to beat death by transferring or uploading the human personality into a robotic brain and body. One of their authors, James Barrat, has gone so far as to say that Continue Reading

Biotechnology: Sci-Fi vs. Sci-Fact

From KHouse.Org by Joshua Matrisciana The lines between reality and imagination are blurring. The incredible advancement in technology is changing our mindsets and belief systems on a massive scale! At what point does science fiction become a scientific reality? In an eye-opening and incredibly relevant new documentary, Transhumanism: Recreating Humanity, Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, and other experts on both sides of the discussion express Continue Reading

Human cells driven by nanomotors

From KHouse.Org For the first time, Scientists at Penn State University have built tiny motors, or nanomotors, that operate inside living human cells. To understand the technology, one has to dispel the notion that a nanomotor is just a very, very, small motor. Start with the definition of a motor as any machine that produces motion in something else. The Penn State team produced a machine which is a small gold rod with an Continue Reading

Boosting Longevity with Massive Genome Sequencing and Cyborg Technology

From Prophecy News Watch.Com As genome sequencing technology increases in speed and plummets in cost, research companies can usually accomplish the task now within a few days for less than $5,000 per genome. To highlight just how far the technology has advanced, the Archon Genomics XPRIZE presented by Express Scripts in 2006 offered $10 million to the first team that could rapidly and accurately sequence 100 whole human genomes to a Continue Reading

Want To Become A Cyborg? Cybernetic Technologies Could Rapidly Change Our Daily Lives

From Prophecy News Watch.Com The pace of technological change is frightening, and touch nearly every aspect of our daily lives, but none quite so deeply as the field of cybernetics. That is, actually grafting technology onto our bodies. Beginning to merge with our technology, essentially becoming cyborgs. Sound farfetched? It probably shouldn’t. Even today, we can use technology to improve nearly every part of our bodies, and what Continue Reading

Prosthetic Hearts and Mind-Reading Computers

From KHouse.Org Once upon a time human beings lived and died without questions about plugs and whether to pull them. Nobody worried about the cost of implanting prosthetic hearts. Mere generations ago, we didn’t understand exactly how genetic information was passed along, and now we can analyze genes and map them out one nucleotide letter at a time. We can locate problem sequences and even splice in a correction or two. It may not Continue Reading

Genetic Selection May Allow Parents To Pick Their Smartest Embryos

From Prophecy News Watch.Com Genetic selection has seen increasing controversy over the last few years, as advances have been made in selecting certain DNA traits that would allow the choice of hair or eye color. To many it may seem harmless or even exciting to be able to choose physical characteristics of your child, but what happens when genetic enhancement is used to to give children a distinctive edge in athletic ability or Continue Reading