Science & The Bible : Epigenetics: Part 2

From KHouse.Org Science & The Bible Epigenetics: Part 2 by Marc Hodges Epigenetics is one of the fastest-growing areas of biological research worldwide. It is upending long-held views about people, society and life. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made… And the Word became Continue Reading

Neanderthal Clones and Biotech

From KHouse.Org Dr. George Church of Harvard University has no plans to clone a Neanderthal any time soon. In a recent Der Spiegel interview, he offered confidence that DNA reading and writing technology has improved exponentially over the past several years and that cloning a Neanderthal could soon be a technological possibility. On one hand, there are no plans currently in the works to clone a Neanderthal or any other human, but Continue Reading

The Language of the Cell

From KHouse.Org A protein floats through the cellular fluid with a very specific purpose; it's a protein on a mission. Its goal? To get into the nucleus and make itself available for use in chromatin. It's got an important step to make. It has to get past the door.  That is, it has to get through a nuclear pore into the guts of the nucleus, and it can't do it on its own. The cell is an amazing world of busy, building, eating, quality Continue Reading

Ain’t no Good Mutations here

From KHouse.Org Most of the mutations in our DNA are only 5,000-10,000 years old, according to a study by the Exome Sequencing Project at the National Institutes of Health. That's a good thing, then, because a recent article in the American Journal of Human Genetics says we're all rife with genetic mistakes, and it's hard to find any that have benefited us at all. We might not have been able to handle many more years of DNA Continue Reading

Making Gas from Trash

From KHouse.Org Even as the world scrounges for improved sources of energy and seeks to depend less on the desert oil barons, the US Army is investing in technology that converts garbage into fuel. The US Army has developed a mobile machine that consumes trash and converts it into diesel, mitigating the troublesome issues of both garbage disposal and fuel transportation in foreign, often hostile lands. Anytime the Army goes into a Continue Reading

Concern Over ‘Souped Up’ Human Race

From BBC.Co.Uk People already have access to potent drugs, originally made for dementia patients and hyperactive children, that boost mental performance and wakefulness. Within 15 years, experts predict that we will have small devices capable of recording our entire life experience as a continuous video feed - a life log that we can reference when our own memory fails. Advances in bionics and engineering will mean we could all boast Continue Reading

Genetically Modified Humans? New Gene-Altering Drug Paves Way for Mass Modification

From Waking Times.Com We’ve seen genetically modified mosquitoes, genetically modified plants, and genetically modified cows, but could we soon be dealing with our own genetic alterations – genetically modified humans? As the months and years pass, scientists seem to be getting closer to ‘manufacturing’ humankind, with some of the most recent ‘advancements’ revolving around a new approved drug therapy that is designed to ‘correct genetic Continue Reading

Synthetic Biologist: Cloned Children, ‘Handpicked Genes’ Right Around the Corner

From Natural Society. Com If you’ve been following the sci-tech section of any major news site over the past few years, chances are you have seen more than a few stories discussing the possibility of extending the highly problematic act of genetic modifications onto the human race. A step that has been foretold by science fiction novels and simultaneously discounted as conspiracy for years. According to one leading synthetic biologist Continue Reading

Could The Human Clones Of ‘Cloud Atlas’ Be In Our Future?

From MNSBC.MNS.Com A dystopian society supported by genetically modified clone workers stands out among the six stories that make up the sprawling film "Cloud Atlas." The idea may seem far-fetched because of political opposition to human cloning and genetic modification in today's world, but the science is closer than many people may think. The "Cloud Atlas" story focuses on a genetically-engineered "fabricant" clone named Sonmi~451 Continue Reading

The Astonishing Powers of “Junk” DNA

From KHouse.Org Nearly 60 years ago, Francis Crick and James Watson discovered DNA and caused a revolution in the field of genetics.  Nearly 10 years ago, the human chromosomes were sequenced, opening the entire genetic code to scrutiny.  Significant portions of DNA were thought to be "junk" - leftovers from evolutionary developments no longer needed, superfluous coding we did not use. Yet, with every advance made in the study of genes, Continue Reading