Galileo the Astronomer, the Christian

From KHouse.Org The notion that Galileo’s trial was a conflict between science and religion should be dead. Anyone who works seriously on Galileo doesn’t accept that interpretation anymore. — Historian Thomas Mayer The First Telescopes - Tools Of Cosmology Galileo’s trial before the Roman Inquisition in 1632-33 has long been used as an example of a scientist persecuted by religious zealotry. Those who promote the idea that Continue Reading

Bacteria were made ‘Very Good’ too

From KHouse.Org Germs. They’re on everything. Doorknobs. Faucet handles. The insides of hamster cages for children at McDonald’s. Municipalities chlorinate their water supplies, and dairy farmers pasteurize the milk from cows. Teachers regularly use Clorox wipes and supply their students with with Purell in an effort to slaughter unwanted microbes. Killers like cholera, typhoid and tuberculosis are no longer major problems in Continue Reading

UK Gov’t Given Go-Ahead For ‘Three-Parent’ Genetically Altered Embryos

From Life Site News.Com A technique to implant donor DNA from a third party into in vitro embryos has been approved by the British Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). The technique is a form of “germline” alteration that involves modification of the person’s mitochondrial DNA (MDNA) to create genetic changes that will be carried on throughout subsequent generations. The recommendation to allow the technique follows a Continue Reading

Heretic Thomas Nagel and the Derision of Naturalists

From KHouse.Org “Intelligent Design is just another Creationist attempt to get their religious views passed off as science. It’s the same old dogma dressed up in a new suit.” — Anonymous Geology Professor “Science is rooted in creative interpretation. Numbers suggest, constrain, and refute; they do not, by themselves, specify the content of scientific theories. Theories are built upon the interpretation of numbers, and interpreters Continue Reading

Making a New World

From KHouse.Org Science fiction literature is either very good or very bad. It requires a certain level of courage, especially in these days of rapid technological advancement, to present a “skip forward” in cultural and technical growth and its consequences, all the time telling an engaging and believable story. In 1997 the movie The Fifth Element was released. Although it was a moderately successful action/adventure movie, its Continue Reading

The Illusion of the Cladogram

From KHouse.Org Most of modern scientists assume that all life today evolved from single-celled organisms over the past several billion years. Since that assumption is pretty settled for the majority, biologists don’t bother questioning it. Instead, they assume it to be true, and spend time trying to figure out the evolutionary relationships of animals. What is the nearest common ancestor of both the frog and the newt? What are the Continue Reading

What is Evolution? Reviewing the Terms

From KHouse.Org Biologists like to claim that evolution has been proven absolutely, with no question about it among reputable scientists. Scientists may quibble about the specifics of evolution, they say, but not about the fact of it. There are indeed a growing number of professional scientists who disagree that the evidence points to molecules-to-man evolution. Whether those scientists are "reputable" is not at issue; in today's Continue Reading

Epigenetics: Big New Changes in Genetics – Above the Code

From KHouse.Org by Marc Hodges Advances in technology have confirmed the growing suspicions that the linkage between DNA and what you see in the cell is not a one-to-one relationship: what you see in the DNA is not fully what you get in the creature. The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field… — Matthew 13:44 In the Science vs. Scripture debate, scientists lay exclusive claim to the firm ground of Continue Reading

The Grand Canyon Formation – Alternative Theories

From KHouse.Org The Grand Canyon is a geological wonder, a vast chasm stretching 277 miles west to east through northern Arizona. The canyon offers one of the best geological cross sections in the world, with nearly 30 distinct layers found from the bottom to the top; its mesas, buttes, colorful slopes and spires illustrate the geological story of the great American southwest. School children are fed a simple tale about how the canyon Continue Reading

Building a bigger Brain

From KHouse.Org In the mid-1800s, it became popular to measure brains and cranial capacity in order to prove the higher intelligence of certain groups of humanity. Humans had bigger brains than apes. The bigger the brain, the argument went, the greater the intelligence, and those humans with brains closer to the size of apes must be less highly evolved and therefore less intelligent. Of course, the European male scientists doing the Continue Reading