The Search for Reality

The Search for Reality Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) has captivated most of first-world culture. The ability to create worlds in which there is a different set of laws governing what can and can’t be done has become a temptation not easily resisted. Within these fantasy environments the characters live, and sometimes die, trying to survive defined conflicts among usually violent combatants. Through our imagination, whether in movies or Continue Reading

Physicist: Humans will not be the dominant species by 2045

From American Thinker.Com July 6, 2014 By Rick Moran A physicist and expert on artificial intelligence says that by 2045, machines will be the dominant species on earth, not humans. Louis Del Monte, physicist, entrepreneur, and author of "The Artificial Intelligence Revolution." claims that with the coming "singularity" - the point where machines will be smarter than humans - the temptation to use the new technology to create Continue Reading

The Newest thing in Quantum Teleportation

From KHouse.Org Dutch physicists have successfully sent information instantaneously without Wifi or cables, using an exciting new development in quantum teleportation. Star Trek fans will be disappointed to find they still have no chance to get transported aboard a starship or even across the room, but quantum teleportation has important implications that are interesting, even if we cannot yet realize “Beam me up, Scottie.” Albert Continue Reading

Turning Light Into Matter … And Raspberries

From KHouse.Org Mass = L/c2. Albert Einstein said so in 1905. A simple replacement of L (light energy) with the letter E (all energy), move “c2” to the other side of the equal sign, and we get “Ta da!” the familiar equation: mc2=E Or, better yet: E = mc2 Thanks to Gary Larson, Bugs Bunny and elementary school, most people are aware of this bit of physics, and even that Einstein is to be blamed for it. What does it mean? It means that Continue Reading

Faith within Science

From American Thinker.Com December 15, 2013 By Thomas P. Sheahen For quite some time, science has been presented to the public in a distorted way.  Reports of statements by scientists are often stated as absolutely certain truths, never mentioning any doubts or questions.  Seldom do reporters inquire about how they became so certain, why they have such high confidence. That image simply isn't true.  A major disconnect exists Continue Reading

Phenomenon Throws Twist Into Age Of Earth

From WND.Com Two South African research scientists have documented a phenomenon that indicates a particular type of soil erosion might have taken place in a split second rather than eons, as mainstream scientists have believed. The conclusion could upset widely accepted estimates for the age of the Earth. The research by Professors Jasper Knight and Stefan Grab of the School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies at Continue Reading

The Denizens of the Metacosm

From KHouse.Org Angels Volume 3 The Denizens of the Metacosm by Dr. Chuck Missler The Metacosm is the domain of transdimensional creatures such as angels (fallen and unfallen), demons, and—surprisingly—UFOs and other ostensibly hybrid forms encountered in the Scriptures. As we have in our previous articles explored the limits of the boundaries of our reality, and recognized the limitations of the Macrocosm[1] as well as the limits of Continue Reading

The Fulcrum of the Universe

From KHouse.Org by Dr. Chuck Missler Isaiah 53 describes the astonishing personal sacrifice that is the fulcrum—the pivot—of the entire cosmic drama. However, it is the personal aspect of this passage that grips our soul. The Fulcrum of the Universe. The Pivot of All History. These sound like rather fanciful labels, don’t they? We are talking about Isaiah 53, often called the “Holy of Holies of the Old Testament.” In just 12 verses, it Continue Reading

Ignore the Man behind the Curtain

From KHouse.Org Ever since the birth of Quantum Theory there has been speculation—some privately held, some very public—of what the implications of the existence of quanta really means. As measuring devices improved dramatically, they provided more clarity to the issue. Today it is an accepted “truth” that everything is quantized. Energy (as well as length, time, and mass) exists in discrete quantities, divisions if you Continue Reading

What Science Really Says about Religion

From American Thinker.Com March 26, 2013 By Thomas P. Sheahen In the March 25 issue of The Weekly Standard, the lead article entitled "The Heretic" deals with philosopher Thomas Nagel, who has abandoned his long-held perspective on philosophy and religion. This has caused consternation and alarm among contemporary philosophy professors, the great majority of whom are strongly committed to an atheistic world-view.  A recurring Continue Reading