Technology and Geopolitics

Technology and Geopolitics “Now as for you, Daniel, roll up your scroll and seal your words until the time of the end. Many will rush around while knowledge increases.” — Daniel 12:4, ISV There are several interpretations of this verse, especially the phrase, “while knowledge increases”. Some posit that the knowledge being spoken of is knowledge of God’s word as revealed in prophecy. The phrase ““Many will rush around,” is Continue Reading

Technology: The Future of Warfare

From KHouse.Org Technology The Future of Warfare by Dr. Steve Elwart Military analysts have often stated that the next war would be in space. In that regard, they were half right. Recent events are proving that the next war will actually be held in cyberspace. The complexion of warfare has changed considerably since the United States’ invasion of Iraq. Where soldiers, tanks, guns and planes once wreaked havoc on a country, hackers, Continue Reading