Women of the Bible – Miriam

Miriam ====== Her name means: "Bitterness" Her character: Even as a young girl, she showed fortitude and wisdom. A leader of God's people at a crucial moment in history, she led the celebration after crossing the Red Sea and spoke God's word to his people, sharing their forty-year journey through the wilderness. / Her sorrow: That she was struck with leprosy for her pride and insubordination and was denied entry into the Promised Land. / Her Continue Reading

Women of the Bible: The Mother of Moses-Jochabed

The Mothers of Moses ==================== Jochabed ======== Her name means: "The Lord Is Glory" Her character: Her fierce love for her son, coupled with her faith, enabled her to act heroically in the midst of great oppression. / Her sorrow: To live in bondage as a slave. / Her joy: That God not only preserved the son she surrendered to him but that he restored her child to her. / Key Scriptures: Exodus 2:1-10; Hebrews 11:23 Pharaoh's Continue Reading

Women of the Bible – Potiphar’s Wife

Potiphar's Wife =============== Her character: The wife of a prosperous and influential Egyptian, she was unfaithful and vindictive, ready to lie in order to protect herself and ruin an innocent man. / Her sorrow: To be rebuffed by a slave. / Key Scriptures: Genesis 39 Her Story ========= We don't even know her name. She is merely presented as the spoiled wife of a prosperous Egyptian official, a miniature Cleopatra, determined to employ Continue Reading

Women of the Bible: Leah

Leah Her name means: "Impatient" or "Wild Cow" Her character: Capable of both strong and enduring love, she was a faithful mother and wife. Manipulated by her father, she became jealous of her sister, with whom, it seems, she never reconciled. Her sorrow: That she lacked her sister's beauty, and that her love for her husband was one-sided. Her joy: That she bore Jacob six sons and one daughter. Key Scriptures: Genesis 29-35; Ruth 4:11 Her Continue Reading

Women of the Bible: Rachel

Rachel Her name means: "Ewe" Her character: Manipulated by her father, she had little say over her own life circumstances and relationships. But rather than dealing creatively with a difficult situation, Rachel behaved like a perpetual victim, responding to sin with yet more sin, making things worse by competing with her sister, and deceiving her father in return. Her sorrow: That her longing for children ultimately led to her death in Continue Reading

Women of the Bible: Rebekah

Rebekah Her name means: "Loop" or "Tie" Her character: Hardworking and generous, her faith was so great that she left her home forever to marry a man she had never seen or met. Yet she played favorites with her sons and failed to trust God fully for the promise he had made. Her sorrow: That she was barren for the first twenty years of her married life, and that she never again set eyes on her favorite son, Jacob, after he fled from his Continue Reading

Women of the Bible: Lot’s Wife

Lot's Wife Her character: She was a prosperous woman who may have been more attached to the good life than was good for her. Though there is no indication she participated in the sin of Sodom, her story implies she had learned to tolerate it and that her heart had become divided as a result. Her sorrow: That her heart's choice led to judgment rather than mercy, and that she ultimately refused God's attempts to save her. Key Scriptures: Genesis Continue Reading

Women of the Bible: Hagar

Hagar Her name means: "Fugitive" or "Immigrant" Her character: A foreigner and slave, Hagar let pride overtake her when she became Abraham's wife. A lonely woman with few resources, she suffered harsh punishment for her mistake. She obeyed God's voice as soon as she heard it and was given a promise that her son would become the father of a great nation. Her sorrow: That she was taken from her homeland to become a slave in a foreign land, Continue Reading

Women of the Bible: Sarah

Her name means: "Chieftainness" or "Princess" Her character: Beautiful enough to attract rulers in the ancient world, she could be strong-willed and jealous. Yet Sarah was considered a loyal wife who did what was right and who didn't give in to fear. Her sorrow: That she remained childless for most of her life. Her joy: That at the age of ninety, she gave birth to Isaac, child of the promise. Key Scriptures: Genesis 12:1-20; 16:1-8; Continue Reading

Women of the Bible: Priscilla

Priscilla Her name means: "Worthy" or "Venerable" Her character: One of the first missionaries and a leader of the early church, along with her husband, Aquila, she risked her life for the apostle Paul. Priscilla was a woman whose spiritual maturity and understanding of the faith helped build up the early church. Her sorrow: To experience opposition to the gospel from both Jews and Gentiles. Her joy: To spread the gospel and nurture the Continue Reading