Christ—perfect through sufferings

‘For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in
bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect
through sufferings.’ Hebrews 2:10

Suggested Further Reading: Revelation 7:13–17

We must not say what God could do or could not do, but it does seem to me that
by no process of creation could he have ever made such beings as we shall be
when we are brought to heaven; for if he had made us perfect, yet then we
should have stood through our own holiness; or if he had forgiven us without
an atonement, then we should never have seen his justice, nor his amazing
love. But in heaven we shall be creatures who feel that we have everything but
deserve nothing, creatures that have been the objects of the most wonderful
love, and therefore so mightily attached to our Lord that it would be
impossible for a thousand Satans ever to lead us astray. Again, we shall be
such servants as even the angels cannot be, for we shall feel under deeper
obligation to God than even they. They are but created happy; we shall be
redeemed by the blood of God’s dear Son, and I am sure, brethren, day without
night we shall circle God’s throne rejoicing, having more happiness than the
angels, for they do not know what evil is, but we shall have known it to the
full, and yet shall be perfectly free from it. They do not know what pain is,
but we shall have known pain, and grief, and death, and yet shall be immortal.
They do not know what it is to fall, but we shall look down to the depths of
hell and remember that these were our portion. How we will sing, how we will
chant his praise, and this, I say again, shall be the highest note, that we
owe all to that bright one, that Lamb in the midst of the throne. We will tell
it over, and over, and over again, and find it an inexhaustible theme for
melodious joy and song that he became man, that he sweat great drops of blood,
that he died, that he rose again.

For meditation: Sinners have received far more attention from God than his
holy angels have (Hebrews 2:16). If angels serve him with praise and long to
learn more about the gospel of our salvation, how much more should we (Psalm
103:20–22; 1 Peter 1:12–13).

Sermon no. 478 / 2 November (1862)  – Charles Spurgeon

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