Do they see Jesus?

Col. 1:27
Christ in you, the hope of glory.
Col. 2:5
Beholding…..the steadfastness of your faith in Christ.

Dannecker, a celebrated sculptor, spent eight years making a statue of Jesus. After having spent two years on it he brought a little child into his studio and said, “My dear, who is that?”

The little girl looked up at the wonderful work and replied, “It is a great man.”

The sculptor was smitten with disappointment. He said to himself, “This will never do. The statue must be a truer likeness of Christ than this.”

And so he turned his chisel and his mallet for two or three years longer. He prayed in the vigils of the night, asking God to help him to reproduce the likeness of Christ upon the face of the marble.

Once more he brought a little child into his studio, and said “Who is that?”

The child looked at the masterpiece in silence, and bursting into tears exclaimed, “Suffer the little children to come unto Me.”

The sculptor said, “I have gained it! This is a work of inspiration.”

My friends, when little children look at you, whom do they see?

Has someone seen Christ in you to-day?
Christian, look to your heart, I pray;
The little things that you’ve done or said-
Did they accord with the way you prayed?
Have your thoughts been pure, your words been kind;
Have you sought to have the Saviour’s mind?
The world with a criticizing view
Has watched – but did it see Christ in you?

Has someone seen Christ in you to-day?
Oh, Christian, be careful, watch and pray.
Look up to Jesus in faith, and then
Lift up unto Him your fellow-men;
Upon your own strength you cannot rely;
There’s a fount of grace and strength on high,
Go to that fount and your strength renew
And the life of Christ will shine through you. –C.B. Hopkins.
– The Christian’s Daily Challenge: E.F. & L. Harvey.

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