Expect answers to prayers

Psalm 27:7
Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice, have mercy also upon me and answer me.

As a good soldier, David knew how to handle his weapons, and found himself much at home with the weapon of “all prayer.”

Note his anxiety to be heard.

Pharisees care not a fig for the Lord’s hearing them, so long as they are heard of men, or cleanse their own pride with their sounding devotion; but with a genuine man, the Lord’s ear is everything.

The voice may be profitable used ‘even at private prayer; for thought it is unnecessary, it is often helpful, and aids in preventing distractions…’

We may expect answers to prayer, and should not be easy without them any more than we should be if we had written a letter to a friend upon important business, and had received no reply. – C.H. Spurgeon.

It is not the length of time we spend in prayer, as it is getting the ear of God in very deed, which tells in our praying. Quality rather than quantity is the essential thing in the prayer life, as in many other things.
– Daily Meditations for Prayer.

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