Faith and Action

Joshua 1:2
Arise, go over this Jordan…unto the land which I do give unto the children of Israel.

Faith as a principle of action is not enough for the realisation of God’s will for us; there must also be the action: only by faith and action can we experimentally enter the land, conquer our foes, and possess our inheritance. It is true that ‘God worketh in us’, but we must work out the salvation which He ‘works in’ [Phil. 2:12-13]. We may rely on God to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, but we may not rely on Him to do for us what we ourselves are capable of doing. To expect God to give us help and direction without our employing the means which He has placed within our reach, is not faith, but presumption.

There is no victory without struggle; there is no perfection without perseverance. If we would triumph we must try; if we would win we must fight. Sun, and rain, and the virtues of the soil could not in ten thousand years produce a harvest if man did not sow the seed; and having sown the seed, the harvest can be of no use to him unless he reaps it.

God had said to Joshua, ‘I give to the children of Israel the land,’ but in the same breath He said, ‘Every place that the souls of your feet shall tread upon shall be yours’ [Jos. 1:2-3; Deut. 11:24]. The feet must answer to the faith. It is no use indolently to dream about the goal; we must energetically foot the track.

As Joshua sent men to discover the wealth of the land and the strength of the foe, so we, by all available means, should learn how great is our inheritance in Christ, and the nature and strength of the foes and forces which would prevent our possessing it. As the first word should always be God, the second should always be go. – W. Graham Scroggie: Entering the Land, 1950
– Daily Thoughts From Keswick.

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