God’s forbearance

Psalm 78:39
For He remembered that they were but flesh; a wind that passeth
away, and cometh not again.

“For your great strength is always at Your call;
Who can withstand the might of Your arm?

In Your sight the whole world is like a grain of dust that tips the scales,
Like a drop of morning dew falling on the ground.

Yet You are merciful to all, because you can do all things
And overlook men’s sins so that they can repent.

Yes, You love all that exists, You hold nothing of what You have made in
For had You hated anything, You would not have formed it.

And how, had You not willed it, could a thing persist,
How be conserved if not called forth by You?

You spare all things because all things are Yours, Lord, Lover of Life,
You Whose imperishable Spirit is in all.

Little by little, therefore, You correct those who offend,
You admonish and remind them of how they have sinned,
So that they may abstain from evil and trust in You, Lord.”

“Who would venture to say, ‘What have You done?’
Who would dare to defy Your sentence?

Who arraign You for destroying nations which you have created?
What champion of guilty men dare to come to confront You
And challenge You?

For there is no God, other than You, who cares for every thing,
To whom You might have to prove that you never judged unjustly;
As for those you punished, no king, no despot, dare reproach You
With it to Your face.

Being just Yourself, You order all things justly,
Holding it unworthy of Your Power
To condemn a man who has not deserved to be punished.

Your justice has its source in strength.
Your sovereignty over all makes you lenient to all.

You show Your strength when Your sovereign power is questioned
And You expose the insolence of those who know it;

But, disposing of such strength, You are mild in judgment,
You govern us with great lenience,
For You have only to will, AND YOUR POWER IS THERE.”

– Jerusalem Bible

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