I pray not for the world but for them…

John 17:9
I pray for them: I pray not for the world but for them which Thou hast given me: for they are Thine.

Just like the Lord each believing intercessor has his own immediate circle for whom he first prays.

Parents have their children; teachers, their pupils; pastors, their flocks; all workers their special charge, all believers those whose care lies upon their hearts.

It is of great consequence that intercession should be personal, pointed, definite, and then our first prayer must always be that they may receive the word.

But this prayer will not avail unless with our Lord we say, “I have given them Thy word”: it is this gives us liberty and power in intercession for souls.

Not only pray for them but speak to them. And when they have received the word let us pray much for their being kept from the evil one for their being sanctified through that word. – Andrew Murray.

It is important that we speak to men about God: but it is vastly more important that we speak to God about men. – C.I. Scofield.
– Daily Meditations for Prayer

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