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Egypt Blocks Iranian Weapons Headed For Gaza – January 28, 2009
An Iranian freighter carrying weaponry for Hamas has been blocked by Egypt from entering the Suez Canal, amid concerns that Tehran is trying to supply the Palestinian militant group with missiles capable of striking Tel Aviv. The ship is docked in the Red Sea outside the Suez Canal after Cairo refused to permit it to cross the waterway to the Mediterranean. ‘This is a big test for the Egyptians. So far the Egyptians have prevented the ship from crossing the Suez and we hope it will stay that way.’ The Australian

Australia Now Alone In Restricting Abortion Aid – January 27, 2009
President Obama’s decision to rescind the ‘Mexico City Policy’ – which denies aid funds to non-governmental organizations that promote or perform abortions – is providing new impetus for activists in Australia who want their government to remove similar regulations in place there. The US policy shift will reportedly leave Australia alone among donor nations to implement abortion-related restrictions on overseas development aid. CNSNews

Nearly 3000 Dead in Zimbabwe Cholera Outbreak – January 27, 2009
There has been a sharp rise in the number of cholera cases in Zimbabwe with the death toll nearing 3,000, the United Nations said Tuesday. The UN humanitarian office said 2,817 new cases were reported Monday, taking the cumulative number of infections since the outbreak began to 56,123. AP

White House Wants A ‘Fair’ Media – January 26, 2009
On Obama’s agenda, according to his White House website, is the goal to ‘encourage diversity in media ownership.’ The plan apparently aligns with longstanding Democratic suggestions to resurrect the “Fairness Doctrine.” The policy was abandoned in 1987 under President Reagan when there were 75 radio talk shows in the US. Reagan opposed the policy because it required broadcast TV and radio programs to air ‘opposing views’ on political issues, which had the practical effect of virtually eliminating opinion programs. WorldNetDaily

Homeschooled Teen Publishes Her Historical Novel – January 25, 2009
When young Stephanie Scheffler had to write a story for a Girl Scout project, she penned the tale of a young girl whose family fought in the Revolutionary War. What was to have been a short story, however, kept growing. “It’s about an 11-year-old girl in Williamsburg, Virginia,” Stephanie explained in a recent interview. “Her brothers and dad are fighting in the war, and when she hears they’ve been captured, she makes a plan to go to prison camp and save them.” The fledgling author is the second of the Schefflers’ 10 children who are being taught at home on a 40-acre homestead in Peyton, Colorado. The Washington Times

Churchgoers Less Likely to Commit Suicide – January 16, 2009
Psychiatric researchers at the University of Manitoba have established a link between going to church and a decreased interest in suicide. “Among people with a history of mental illness – those at the highest risk of suicide – religious attendance appears associated with a decrease in suicide attempts,” said Daniel Rasic, who led the research. “But simply being ‘spiritual’ was not significant enough to reduce the effect.” The Washington Times

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