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‘We Are Terrorists To The Bone’: Guantanamo Detainees – March 10, 2009
Five men held in Guantanamo on charges of plotting the September 11 attacks declared in a court document released Tuesday that they sought to kill and terrorize Americans as an offering to God. The charges filed against them by US authorities were “not accusations,” the five detainees wrote. “To us they are badges of honor, which we carry with pride,” the detainees said, adding: “We are terrorists to the bone. So many thanks to God.” AFP

Our Friends the Russians? – March 10, 2009
President Obama’s secret letter to Russian president Dmitri Medvedev has, as promised, “pressed the reset button” on U.S.–Russian relations. The president has offered to abandon America’s planned deployment of an anti-missile shield in Eastern Europe in exchange for Russia’s help against Iran’s nuclear-weapons program. This is an enormous diplomatic blunder that will encourage the very worst sort of conduct from Russia — and Iran. National Review Online

Scientists Meet To Dispute Global Warming – March 08, 2009
The A-list of manmade climate-change skeptics is meeting in New York City for the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change. Opening the conference is Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic and the European Union. Klaus is an outspoken critic of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which he says is one-sided and has a political agenda. One News Now

Stephen Baldwin Slams Hollywood’s Vulgarity – March 06, 2009
The violence, vulgarity, and anti-family fare produced in excess in Hollywood contributes to social decay and the higher rates of youth suicide and teen pregnancy, actor and media personality Stephen Baldwin told CNSNews.com. He added that pro-family films sell well and more conservatives should move into the industry to control the content and produce the types of films that many American families desire. CNS News

US Invites Iran to Join Conference on Afghanistan – March 06, 2009
The Obama administration on Thursday marked a clear break with George W. Bush’s policy of isolating Iran by declaring its intention to invite the Islamic republic to an international conference on stabilising Afghanistan. Iran has already signalled its willingness to attend. A firm date for the conference has not been fixed. Italy, as holder of the G8 presidency this year, has proposed hosting such a conference in Trieste in June. Financial Times

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