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Conservatives Gain In European Parliament Elections – June 09, 2009
Europe was leaning to the right ahead of European Parliament elections Sunday, with voters in many countries favoring conservative parties against a backdrop of economic crisis. High unemployment across Europe has increased voter dissatisfaction with mainstream national parties, and skepticism over the EU’s power to help spur recovery. AP

Hezbollah Loses in Lebanon Elections – June 09, 2009
The ruling pro-Western alliance managed to win in Lebanese parliamentary elections this weekend, much to the relief of Washington. “Sanity prevailed,” a senior administration official said Sunday night. “Hey, look on the bright side, boys!” Andrew Exum, a Lebanon expert at the Center for a New American Security wrote of Hezbollah. “Now you don’t have to govern. It’s a lot easier to be in the opposition if you’re Hezbollah. You still keep your arms, and there is less pressure from the outside.” In other words, despite relieving election results, the US and Israel still need to keep a close watch on Hezbollah. The New ForeignPolicy.com

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge To Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – June 09, 2009
The US Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a case challenging the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy for gays in the military. Prior to 1993, when “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was implemented, homosexuals were completely banned from the military. Since 1993, gays and lesbians can only be dismissed if they are open about their same-sex attraction. Homosexual activist groups are waiting for President Obama to fulfill campaign promises to promote even more openness for gays in the military, but the White House has put that agenda on the back burner for now. AP

US Journalists In North Korean Prisons – June 09, 2009
While starvation, vicious beatings, torture, and public executions are the normal fare in North Korean work camps, the American journalists who were recently given 12-year sentences will most likely not be treated as badly as normal prisoners. North Korea cannot afford to let American journalists describe the true conditions of its prison camps, and with world eyes on the situation, the two journalists cannot just be buried. Still, even with better treatment, Laura Ling and Euna are in for no picnic. Time

Five Questions for Sotomayor – June 09, 2009
Unless we want confirmation processes to continue focusing on pot smoking, illegal-immigrant nannies, and the like, senators from both parties should ask probing questions that can cut through the “that case may come before me” clutter and actually shed light on Judge Sotomayor’s judicial philosophy. Here are five. Cato Institute

New Hampshire Passes Gay Marriage Bill – June 06, 2009
New Hampshire’s Democratic-controlled House of Representatives endorsed gay marriage in a 198-176 vote, hours after the state Senate approved the legislation 14-10 along party lines, making the state the fourth this year to back gay marriage in the United States. Governor John Lynch, a Democrat, signed the bill, which goes into effect on January 1. Reuters

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