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Conservative Teachers To Confront NEA On Abortion – June 30, 2009
Conservative teachers within the NEA will call for the union to drop its support of abortion. The National Education Association will convene for their national meeting in San Diego July 1-6. Jeralee Smith, one of the co-founders of the NEA Conservative Educators Caucus, says one of the items her group has placed on the agenda is abortion. OneNewsNow

Ahmadinejad Still The Winner, Says Partial Recount – June 29, 2009
In an attempt to placate protesters, Iran conducted a partial recount Monday of votes cast in its disputed presidential election, and the hard-line president asked for an investigation into the shooting death of a young woman who has become a potent symbol of the opposition’s struggle. The regime’s standoff with the West over its crackdown on demonstrators sharply escalated Sunday when Iran announced it had detained nine local employees of the British Embassy in Teheran. Both Britain and the European Union condemned what they called “harassment and intimidation.” The Jerusalem Post

Ethiopian Church Will Not Display The Ark of the Covenant – June 29, 2009
There was considerable confusion last week when the leader of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church apparently told an Italian news agency about the possible public display of the Ark of the Covenant – the box holding the Ten Commandments – and then the prescribed time passed with no word. However, there was no equivocation in an e-mail received by WND from the webmaster of a church website in response to an inquiry about the truth of the matter. “It is not going to happen so the world has to live with curiosity,” said the statement, signed only “Webmaster” in response to the WND inquiry. WorldNetDaily

US Takes N Korea’s Violent Rhetoric Lightly – June 25, 2009
US officials are closely monitoring the situation in North Korea, but said Thursday there are “no signs of an imminent long-range launch” of a long-range missile headed toward Hawaii. North Korea has vowed to enlarge its nuclear arsenal and threatened the US with “annihilation.” But senior US officials are putting the ramped up rhetoric as part of a “continuing North Korea bluster” designed to coincide with the 59th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War. Fox News

Ancient Christian Hideout Found in Israel? – June 24, 2009
A 2,000-year-old underground chamber has been discovered in Israel’s Jordan Valley. The largest human-made cave in Israel, the 1-acre (0.4-hectare) space is thought to have begun as a quarry. In subsequent centuries it may have served as a monastery, hideout for persecuted Christians, or Roman army base, experts say. National Geographic News

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