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Liddick: California Is In Trouble – July 14, 2009
[T]he Golden State’s lessons for all of us: that public programs are not free, but must be paid for with public money; …that vote-buying with promises of favor is an addiction harder to break than heroin; that legislators tend to ignore the public will until forced to pay attention; that taxation and regulation have their limits; and that the habit of borrowing money to give benefits to individuals is poisonous to the very concept of “good government.” May we learn those lessons soon. As California circles the drain, it looks more and more as though the rest of the nation is rushing to follow its example. But if that happens, where will there be to move? Summit Daily News

Senate Commitee Votes Down 4 Pro-Life Health Amendments – July 14, 2009
A Senate committee on Monday defeated four new amendments by pro-life advocates determined to stop a health care restructuring bill from paying for and promoting abortions. The committee also rejected an amendment from Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma to protect state laws limiting abortions and abortion funding from being nullified by federal law under the health care bill and a second that would protect the conscience rights of health care workers. Johnson told LifeNews.com that more battles are coming up this week on abortion and health care. Life News

Episcopal Church To Affirm Gay Clergy Despite Divisions – July 14, 2009
The Episcopal Church moved Monday toward affirming their acceptance of gays and lesbians for all roles in the ministry, despite pressure from fellow Anglicans worldwide for a decisive moratorium on consecrating another openly gay bishop. Bishops at the Episcopal General Convention in Anaheim, California, voted 99-45 with two abstentions for a statement declaring “God has called and may call” to ministry gays in committed lifelong relationships. AP

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il Has Cancer – July 14, 2009
North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has life-threatening pancreatic cancer, South Korean TV news channel YTN says. Quoting unidentified sources from both South Korea and China, the report said the disease gives Kim Jong-il a maximum life expectancy of five years. YTN said Mr Kim was diagnosed with the illness last year, about the same time he was reported to have had a stroke. Mr. Kim, 67, was seen last week looking gaunt and walking with a limp, fuelling more speculation about his health. BBC News

The UK’s Health Care Debate – July 14, 2009
The UK has had health coverage for all for years, and yet they are still struggling to figure out how to pay for it all. These are the pros and cons of the newest efforts to provide citizens with health care without bankrupting the state. Telegraph.co.uk

Climate Change Bill Endangers US Jobs – July 14, 2009
The American Clean Energy and Security Act – the so-called “cap-and-trade” climate-change bill – that passed the US House of Representatives last month would give manufacturers in certain industries in the Communist People’s Republic of China an advantage over their US competitors and put US jobs at risk, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). CNSNews

House Health Care Plan Equals Federal Control – July 01, 2009
The US House of Representatives leadership recently unveiled a mammoth 852-page blueprint for overhauling Americans’ health care: the draft “Tri-Committee Health Reform Bill.” If enacted, this comprehensive legislation would amount to federal control of the health care sector of the economy. In addition, government health benefit decisions often include coverage of controversial items such as abortion. A number of House Democrats are concerned that the House bill would become a vehicle for taxpayer subsidization of abortion coverage. The Heritage Foundation

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