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Shadi Jabar: How Australian ISIS Recruiter Lured Other Brides to Syria

May 8, 2016

From holy war to hijab fashion tips, the bizarre life of top Australian ISIS recruiter Shadi Jabar has been revealed after she was killed in a coalition air strike in Syria. The Sunday Telegraph has revealed the Sydney woman was a chief Islamic State recruiter, who along with her husband, planned attacks against the West.

The Australian

Singapore, Australia Ink Pact Taking Ties to New Heights

May 7, 2016

Singapore and Australia have inked a “landmark” agreement to raise bilateral cooperation to “unprecedented levels” in security, trade and the arts and culture. A key area is a defense cooperation deal that will give Singapore troops, who have been training in Australia since 1990, access to more military areas for 25 years.

The Straits Times

London Voters Elect First Muslim Mayor of Major Western Capital

May 6, 2016

After a bitter and bruising race, the Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan won London’s mayoral race early Saturday and made history as the first Muslim elected to lead a major Western capital city.

The Washington Post

Japan’s East China Sea Military Buildup Continues

May 6, 2016

He who lives by the military buildup, dies by the military buildup. Though the recent visit to Beijing by Japan’s Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida suggests a thaw in Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations, there remains a gulf—or more accurately, a sea—between the two Asian powerhouses.

National Interest

Turkish Leader Parts Way with the EU

May 6, 2016

Just a day after pushing his prime minister out of government, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan hardened his stance against the EU and announced new steps to strengthen his power. In an address on TV on Friday (6 May), Erdogan said he had refused to change Turkish law on terrorism as required by the EU to grant Turkey visa liberalization.

EU Observer

U.S. Reveals Troops on the Ground in Yemen

May 6, 2016

A “small number” of U.S troops are deployed on the ground in Yemen to help fight the al-Qaida affiliate there that was controlling a major port city, a defense official said Friday.

Military Times

Should Courts Get to Define Religion?

May 2, 2016

The Massachusetts Supreme Court will decide whether a local shrine should be tax-exempt—a decision that could have broad implications for faith organizations in America.

The Atlantic

China Denies US Aircraft Carrier Hong Kong Visit

April 29, 2016

The nuclear powered USS John C Stennis, as well as its escort ships, were prevented from docking on Friday. The US said it expected that a separate port visit for another US ship, the USS Blue Ridge, would continue as normal. A dispute over China’s military presence in the South China sea has dogged relations between the US and China in recent years.


New State of Water Molecule Discovered by Federal Researchers

April 25, 2016

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have observed water molecules behaving unlike gas, liquid or solid states. Researchers discovered the new state while subjecting water molecules to extreme confinement.

United Press International

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