His name means: “May He [God] Add”

His work: Joseph was a working man who supported his family through the trade
of carpentry.
His character: A man who traced his ancestry back to David, Joseph was just,
compassionate, and obedient to God. Though poor, he was a good husband and
father, providing for and protecting his family.
His sorrow: That Herod the Great tried to murder his son, Jesus.
His triumph: To be used by God to protect and provide for the world’s Savior.
Through him, Jesus could trace his ancestry to King David and the tribe of
Key Scriptures: Matthew 1-2

A Look at the Man
Three times Joseph saw angels in his dreams. In the first appearance, the
angel announced something impossible: Mary had become pregnant, though she had
not been unfaithful to him. In the second, the angel warned him to flee to
Egypt to escape Herod’s plan to murder the boy Jesus. Later, an angel sounded
the all clear, informing Joseph of Herod’s death so that he could return to
Israel with Mary and Jesus.

Though we know little of Joseph from the Scriptures, we know at least of his
remarkable faith and obedience. Each time the angels appeared to him, they
revealed something he could not have known without divine revelation. But each
new revelation presented him with a choice. Would he do as the angel
instructed, or would he rely on his own understanding and do as he thought
best? It would have been so easy to brush off the first dream. When in the
history of the world had a woman ever become pregnant without sleeping with a
man? Common sense would have told him to proceed with his plan to set Mary
aside and marry someone else. Instead, he heeded the angel and, by doing so,
said yes to God’s surprising plan for his life.

Did Joseph comprehend the enormity of the decisions he was making? Possibly.
But certainly he could not foresee the strange mixture of blessing and
suffering that lay in store for him and his family. His yes would cost him
many sleepless nights, but it would also involve him in the greatest miracle

Centuries later we celebrate Joseph’s life, knowing that he was everything a
father should be—spiritually perceptive, compassionate, humble, faithful,
loving and protective toward the family the Lord had given him.

Reflect On: Genesis 39:1–5 (This is an account of another Joseph, but the
similarities between these two obedient men and God’s gracious blessing is

Praise God: For offering a love that constrains us to obedience.
Offer Thanks: For blessing you with the responsibility of leading and
directing the lives of young people—children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren,
Confess: Your sin and willful disobedience.
Ask God: To give you a heart that is drawn to him in love and compliance to
his perfect will and to empower you in the task of leading these young ones in
his ways.

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