Many leave the Nazarene Church as “mysticism” infects the church

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A ministry based in Massachusetts is voicing its concern about the so-called “emergent church” movement’s growing influence on the Nazarene denomination.

The InterMountain Christian News reports that roughly 10,000 Nazarenes in the United States and Canada have left the denomination over the past four years. Manny Silva, director of Stand for Truth Ministries, says research shows that unbiblical ideology is rampant throughout the denomination.

“There is mysticism coming into the denomination — a lot of mystical practices, including the use of pagan prayer labyrinths. There is the teaching of open theism and process theology in the university,” Silva reports. “The underlying problem that is going on in the Church of Nazarene, most of us believe, is the denial that the holy scriptures are the inherent, infallible Word of God.”

He goes on to express concerns that institutions like Northwest Nazarene University, Point Loma Nazarene University and Trevecca Nazarene University have become training grounds of flawed theology, but many of the schools have failed to adequately address his organization’s concerns.

“Ultimately, we want to at least have people be aware, have as many Nazarenes become aware of these issues as possible…so that even if the responses of clarity that we want to get do not arrive, we’ll at least have more people become aware,” the Stand for Truth Ministries director notes. “They’ll be able to voice their concerns, and hopefully there will be a growing body of Nazarenes who continue to express their concerns until we get a response from the leadership.”

Silva adds that many of the Nazarene universities have featured emergent church gurus in recent years, including Donald Miller, Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, and Dallas Willard.

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