Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon – 21st September

“The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.” / Judges 7:20

Gideon ordered his men to do two things: covering up a torch in an earthen
pitcher, he bade them, at an appointed signal, break the pitcher and let the
light shine, and then sound with the trumpet, crying, “The sword of the Lord,
and of Gideon! the sword of the Lord, and of Gideon!” This is precisely what
all Christians must do. First, you must shine; break the pitcher which
conceals your light; throw aside the bushel which has been hiding your candle,
and shine. Let your light shine before men; let your good works be such, that
when men look upon you, they shall know that you have been with Jesus. Then
there must be the sound, the blowing of the trumpet. There must be active
exertions for the ingathering of sinners by proclaiming Christ crucified. Take
the gospel to them; carry it to their door; put it in their way; do not suffer
them to escape it; blow the trumpet right against their ears. Remember that
the true war-cry of the Church is Gideon’s watchword, “The sword of the Lord,
and of Gideon!” God must do it, it is his own work. But we are not to be idle;
instrumentality is to be used–“The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon!” If we
only cry, “The sword of the Lord!” we shall be guilty of an idle presumption;
and if we shout, “The sword of Gideon!” alone, we shall manifest idolatrous
reliance on an arm of flesh: we must blend the two in practical harmony, “The
sword of the Lord, and of Gideon!” We can do nothing of ourselves, but we can
do everything by the help of our God; let us, therefore, in his name determine
to go out personally and serve with our flaming torch of holy example, and
with our trumpet tones of earnest declaration and testimony, and God shall be
with us, and Midian shall be put to confusion, and the Lord of hosts shall
reign forever and ever.

“In the evening withhold not thy hand.” / Ecclesiastes 11:6

In the evening of the day opportunities are plentiful: men return from their
labour, and the zealous soul-winner finds time to tell abroad the love of
Jesus. Have I no evening work for Jesus? If I have not, let me no longer
withhold my hand from a service which requires abundant labour. Sinners are
perishing for lack of knowledge; he who loiters may find his skirts crimson
with the blood of souls. Jesus gave both his hands to the nails, how can I
keep back one of mine from his blessed work? Night and day he toiled and
prayed for me, how can I give a single hour to the pampering of my flesh with
luxurious ease? Up, idle heart; stretch out thy hand to work, or uplift it to
pray; heaven and hell are in earnest, let me be so, and this evening sow good
seed for the Lord my God.

The evening of life has also its calls. Life is so short that a morning of
manhood’s vigour, and an evening of decay, make the whole of it. To some it
seems long, but a four-pence is a great sum of money to a poor man. Life is so
brief that no man can afford to lose a day. It has been well said that if a
great king should bring us a great heap of gold, and bid us take as much as we
could count in a day, we should make a long day of it; we should begin early
in the morning, and in the evening we should not withhold our hand; but to win
souls is far nobler work, how is it that we so soon withdraw from it? Some are
spared to a long evening of green old age; if such be my case, let me use such
talents as I still retain, and to the last hour serve my blessed and faithful
Lord. By his grace I will die in harness, and lay down my charge only when I
lay down my body. Age may instruct the young, cheer the faint, and encourage
the desponding; if eventide has less of vigorous heat, it should have more of
calm wisdom, therefore in the evening I will not withhold my hand.

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