New Breakthrough In Biometrics – Fingerprint Funds Transfer

From Consumer Electronics Net.Com

Speaking today from NEW YORK, SmartMetric™ Inc. President & CEO Chaya Hendrick said the company has developed a system on its fingerprint activated card that allows for fingerprint based card to card funds transfer.

Using the advanced electronics inside the credit card sized card, SmartMetric is able to deliver a payment and funds transfer system that uses a person’s fingerprint for the ultimate transaction validation.

Using the SmartMetric Biometric Card platform will usher in a new and advanced method and system for national and trans-national funds transfers and payments.

The SmartMetric biometric card has an inbuilt fingerprint scanner along with an advanced ARM processor and separate memory.

The person’s fingerprint never leaves the encrypted memory of the card.

Using the banking standard EMV chip as the cards contact interface it allows the biometric card to be used at ATM and point-of-sale machines.

The breakthrough technological platform affords a whole new world of applications and possibilities in the financial services sector. It’s like having a PC that you can insert into an ATM said the company President.

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