Pajamas Media: News Digest – 1st May 2011

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DIGEST Sunday May 1, 2011

Obama Administration: Eager to Save Syria’s Anti-American Dictator

by Barry Rubin

Obama is wrong to believe that Assad is better for American interests than Mubarak. There is a risk of an Islamist takeover in Syria, but it is certainly lower than it was in Egypt. (And don’t miss: Stop Assad of Syria — a petition.)

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‘Funny’ Anti-Gaddafi Cartoons Reveal Rebel Racism, Anti-Semitism

by John Rosenthal

Gaddafi’s eastern Libyan opponents have been flouting their prejudice in full view of the world’s media with little to no response.

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Donald Trump Is a Big Effing Deal

by Jazz Shaw

Just think how entertaining American politics would be if other politicians had the stones to drop a few F-bombs. (And at the Tatler, read about what might sink Trump.)

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Jimmy Carter’s Mystery Gift for Kim Jong Il

by Claudia Rosett

What did Jimmy tote along to North Korea last week as his latest tribute to the Dear Leader? (And don’t miss “Carter bombs in Pyongyang”at the Tatler.)

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The Tea Party Goes to Washington, Sending Rand Paul There as Well

by Tom Bowler

Rand Paul’s new book celebrates the unexpected libertarian uprising that exploded onto the American political scene as a force to be reckoned with.

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Yes, Virginia, Obama Foreign Policy Is Ignorant and Stupid Rather Than a Conspiracy

by Barry Rubin

It tells something about how bad a lot of the administration’s policies are that such a conclusion is possible. Nevertheless, it’s not correct.

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