Pajamas Media: News Digest – 3rd May 2011

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DIGEST Tuesday May 3, 2011

Is the ISI Al-Qaeda?

by Richard Fernandez

Many questions about Pakistan remain after the killing of Osama bin Laden. (Also read “More on bin Laden, Pakistan, etc.'” at the Tatler.)

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Is This a Great Country or What?

by Tom Blumer

1,500 miles and 30 hours of American free enterprise.

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On Bin Laden, Muslim Brotherhood Makes Different Statements in English and in Arabic

by Sami al-Abasi

In Arabic, they honor bin Laden as a “sheikh” and call for terrorism against American forces in Muslim lands.

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Bin Laden Is Dead and His Cause Goes Marching On

by Barry Rubin

Thinking that OBL is the main problem and his death is the solution is very dangerous indeed and might well intensify the policies that have been leading toward the victory of his cause.

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Good Morning, Pakistan; Hamas Hearts Bin Laden

by Roger L Simon

Regarding the death of bin Laden, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh can’t keep his mouth shut: “We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior,” he said.

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Osama bin Laden is dead. I blame Bush.

by Bryan Preston

The 43rd president made difficult decisions that led directly to the 44th president’s decision to get bin Laden.

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Do Not Go Back to Sleep, America

by Sarah Hoyt

We’ve heard over and over from the left that the only thing we should have done these past ten years is capture bin Laden. This group now actually believes the war is over.

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Caption Contest: Situation Room reaction shot

by Zombie

What was on their minds as they watched the OBL mission unfold from the White House?

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A Letter to Pajamas Media from the Reform Party of Syria

by The Editors

The Reform Party of Syria “would like to thank the management of Pajamas Media for choosing these difficult times to provide us with a platform to expose the atrocities committed against our people.”

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How the Israeli Political Left Aids Palestinians

by Joseph Puder

Deep in denial, they declare for statehood.

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Bin Laden’s Burial at Sea: Are We Undermining ‘Moderate’ Muslims?

by Rand Simberg

CAIR and other “moderates” continually remind us that Osama bin Laden was not what Islam is all about. Then why bury him as a devout Muslim?

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President Obama’s Great Victory in the War Against Terror: Let us Praise Him, and Put it in Perspective

by Ron Radosh

Praise him for more or less sticking with Bush’s tactics, but he should have mentioned the blow we dealt to al-Qaeda when they came to fight us in Iraq.

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Initial thoughts on OBL’s demise

by Patrick Poole

After the world’s most wanted terrorist meets justice, what happens next? And what of the U.S. alliance with Pakistan?

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