Pajamas Media: News Index – 7th May 2011

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DIGEST Saturday May 7, 2011

Issa Calls Holder to Account

by Patrick Richardson

How bad does Project Gunrunner get?

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The Muslim Brotherhood Mobilizes

by Sami al-Abasi

In Egypt, the formation of a political party is well underway.

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SEIU drops mask, goes full commie

by Zombie

At L.A.s recent May Day parade, communists freely and proudly declared their affiliation. And the SEIU has no problem marching arm-in-arm with them, as the latest photo essay assembled by Zombie highlights.

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Londonistan erupts with tributes, funerals for bin Laden

by Bryan Preston

Is it possible that this is the same city in which the royal wedding took place just a week ago?

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Assad Plays the Islamist Card

by Ryan Mauro

Pretending to be a bulwark against extremists, President Assad uses the Islamists to screen his oppression of secular democratic elements in Syria. (Also read “You Want to Appease Syria? Not to Worry, Hillary’s Out in Front” at the Tatler.)

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In Defense of Soap Operas

by S. T. Karnick

Even lowbrow drama may have a more human voice than highbrow reality TV.

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In Celebrating OBL’s Demise, the Kids Are All Right

by Tom Blumer

Some of their elders, not so much.

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