Pajamas Media: News Index – 8th May 2011

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DIGEST Sunday May 8, 2011

Did Pakistan Know About the OBL Raid?

by N.M. Guariglia

Walking through the wilderness of mirrors.

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Thoughts on a Surreal Depression

by Victor Davis Hanson

We in California have become the most and least free of peoples, as parts of the state now resemble the sort of utopia that a Bay Area consultant, politico, or professor dreams of, but would never live near.

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by Richard Fernandez

Bin Laden believed he had created an impenetrable network. It turned out not to be good enough to keep out the penetrators. (Update: “Video: Bin Laden watches himself on TV.”)

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Tony Kushner’s Newest Drama: Playing the Victim of McCarthyite Attacks

by Ron Radosh

Why does the left equate academic freedom with the granting of an honorary degree?

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The Torture Question

by Michael Ledeen

I have sadly and reluctantly come to the conclusion that there may well be circumstances in which we may have to do terrible things in order to prevail, and perhaps even to survive.

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Europeanizing American Space Activities by Stealth

by Rand Simberg

Obama is proposing to bind the U.S. by executive order to a European “Code of Conduct” for space activities that would stifle missile defense and open our commercial space industry to the prying eyes of competitors.

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Tripping the Light Fantastic with Lady Gaga and Obama

by Jeannie DeAngelis

The similarities between the pop diva and the president are as uncanny as their differences.

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