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The Pros and Cons of Attacking Syria
By PJ Media
PJ Media’s columnists weigh in on intervening in Syria as the Obama administration decides how to respond to the use of chemical weapons. Join the conversation, and add your thoughts in the comments section.
Interview: Jesse Walker of Reason on The United States of Paranoia
By Ed Driscoll
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In 1964, liberal historian Richard Hofstadter wrote “The Paranoid Style in American Politics.” With the 50th anniversary fast approaching for that landmark article, still the benchmark for many on the American left today, how is it holding up? “Not all that well,” Jesse Walker of Reason magazine tells me during our interview to discuss his new book, “The United States of Paranoia: A Conspiracy Theory.”
Syria: the Dead Spook Solves It
By Michael Ledeen
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Most everyone insists there’s no good outcome in Syria. But then, they forget the covert option. Remember the first hours of the Iraq War?  When the CIA claimed to have bombed Saddam in his bunker? The CIA always has a colonel ready to go in these cases.  It’s one of their basic methods.
Again, as Farce: 2013 Events Mirror 1980
By Perry Pendley
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The economy is in shambles, but the president tells us to bear with him, to lower our expectations. Our relationship with Russia is worse than ever, and in the Middle East we fear rebellion by Islamic radicals. It is not 2013, but 1980, and Ronald Reagan is running for president.
What We Taught Our Boys About Girls Like Miley Cyrus
By Paula Bolyard
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Girls who provocatively showcase their wares on TV are not respecting themselves and it is not respectful to gawk at them. I’m confident that our sons won’t be the guys leering and twerking along with the Miley Cyruses of the world.

A Real-Life Reminder that Outer Space Is Dangerous (Chris Queen)
Miley Hits Bottom (Andrew Klavan)
Chekhov’s Gun (Richard Fernandez)
Speakers Weave Pet Political Issues into MLK Anniversary (Bridget Johnson)

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