PJ Media: News Index – 24th February 2012

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PJ Media Poll: Obama Losing Some Minorities, Independents
By Rich Baehr

A PJ Media-sponsored poll that compared current and potential Republican candidates in head-to-head matchups with Barack Obama shows both positives and negatives for GOP candidates.

Twisting LAPD Impound Policy to Favor Illegals
By Jack Dunphy

We are witnessing the gradual enactment of a separate foreign policy for the city of Los Angeles in which we are asked to hold it “fair” that people who should not be here be allowed to keep the cars that they should not drive so they can get to the jobs they should not have.


The Paradox of the Nostalgic Progressive
By Ed Driscoll

For practitioners of such an ostensibly forward-thinking ideology, a fair number of legendary “progressives” sure are homesick for the good old days.

Country Alternatives: 10 Reasons To Change Your Mind About Hating Twang
By Jonathan Sanders

Country music gets a bad rap. But when it comes to contemporary music with its lyrical finger on the pulse of life in America as we see it in 2012, there’s little out there that can rival the honesty of a good country song.


o Wanderlust: The Rise of the Counter-Countercultural Comedy (John Boot)

o I Am A Navy SEAL (Phyllis Chesler)

o Blacks Enslaved by Left, Argues New Film (Rebecca Cusey)

o The Times’ Tabloid Trolling (Ron Radosh)

o An Open Letter to General Dempsey (Michael Ledeen)

o Going Rove: Mr. Establishment ‘Squelches’ Talk of Establishment-Brokered Convention (David Steinberg)

o Santorum, Rice Excel in PJ Media Presidential Poll (Roger L. Simon)

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