PJ Media: News Index – 31st January 2012

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Hunkered Between Santorum and Paul Lies Peace Through Total War
By Walter Hudson

Is our choice in foreign policy really between pointless perpetual war and recklessly naive peace? There is a correct foundation upon which foreign policy should be built that is an entirely different perspective from both Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

The Gingrich Rope-a-Dope: Speaker Attacks Romney as Moderate
By Alexis Garcia

Newt Gingrich makes his closing argument to Florida voters at a rally at the Tampa International Jet Center in Tampa, Fla. (Watch Alexis Garcia’s report from Tampa on PJTV.)


When Did the War Start? Or Did It?
By Michael Ledeen

Almost everything you read about the “increasing tension” between Iran and the United States revolves around the rhetorical question, “Will there be a war?” The war is already on — it’s been on for three decades. What do you think all those chants of “Death to America!” mean?

Why Apologies Matter
By Belladonna Rogers

Many see an apology as a sign of weakness, believing that only the weak apologize. But, as PJM advice columnist Belladonna Rogers explains, saying “I’m sorry” is a sign of strength that has a surprising power.


o Oscar and The Death of Movies (Andrew Klavan)

o John Carter’s Long Road from the Civil War to the Silver Screen (Chris Queen)

o Once Again Oliver Stone Hypes his New TV Documentary: Time to Tell CBS to Cancel It (Ron Radosh)

o Female Voters Are Too Emotional: And That Makes Me Very Angry!! (Stephanie Maier)

o Gray Lady Down: Has the London Daily Mail Overtaken the NY Times? (Ed Driscoll)

o New Emails Suggest Eric Holder Perjured Himself (Bob Owens)

o GOP-Governed and Right-To-Work States Saved the Economy’s Bacon in 2011 (Tom Blumer)

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