Prayer releases God’s energy

John 4:35
Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

Luke 10:2
Therefore said He unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He would send forth laborers into His harvest.

A man may go aside today, and shut his door and as really spend half an hour in India – I am thinking of my words as I say them, it seems so much to say, and yet it is true as – really spend a half hour of his life in India for God as though he were there in person. Is that true? If it were true, surely you and I must get more half-hours for this secret service.

Without any doubt he may turn his key and be for a bit of time as potentially in China by the power of prayer, as though there in actual bodily form. I say potentially present. But in the power exerted upon men he may be truly present at the objective point of his prayer. He may give a new meaning to the printed page being read by some native down in Africa. He may give a new tongue of flame to the preacher or teacher. He may make it easier for men to accept the story of Jesus, and then to yield themselves to Jesus – Yonder men swept and swayed by evil spirits, and by prejudices for generations – make it easier for them to accept the story, and, if need be, to cut with loved ones, and step out and up into a new life. –S.D. Gordon.

Do you hear them pleading, pleading
Not for money, comfort, power,
But that you, O Christian worker,
Will but set aside an hour
Wherein they will be remembered
Daily at the Throne of Grace,
That the work which they are doing
In your life may have a place?

Do you know that they are longing
For the sympathetic touch
That is theirs when friends are praying
In the homeland very much,
That our God will bless the efforts
They are making in His Name,
And that souls for whom they’re working,
With His love may be aflame?

Do you see them seeking, seeking
For the gift of priceless worth
That they count of more importance
Than all other gifts of earth?
Not the gold from rich men’s coffers,
Nor the relief from any care-
‘Tis a gift that you can give them-
‘Tis the Christian’s daily prayer. – Selected.

If we find that individuals are employed to change the face of continents by exploration or personal effort, why may not individuals equally prevail where they, by prayer, lay hold of the arm of the Almighty? I believe that the day will declare that solitary individuals have, simply by their prayers, prevailed to introduce the Gospel into vast and populous dominions. – Dr. Somerville.
– E.F. & L. Harvey – Royal Exchange.

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