My Prayer for you

….. is that you will find the God of tender compassion and mercy reflected in these pages for whatever you call upon Him for…. He has issued an open invitation to you on an individual basis, none being exempt….. “Call on Me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you did not know….”

Call upon Him, in whatever hopeless situation you think you may find yourself in, call upon Him and ask Him to show you the way wherein you must walk and the thing that you ought to do, and He will answer you, and where it seems that the way is impossible, He will make a supernatural way for you.

He knows the thoughts that He has concerning you, thoughts of good and not of evil, to give you an expected end. No matter how bleak your situation, how impossible it appears to extricate yourself from, He already has the answer prepared, because He states emphatically, “And it shall come to pass that before you call I will answer, and while you are yet speaking I will hear…”

Ask Him to show you, to reveal Himself to you, and He will. You will feel the tangibility of His presence, His love that surpasses human understanding as He takes you by the hand to lead you in the paths of righteousness.

This is a unique day, a day that you will never be able to experience again, a day which could change your destiny forever….. take the outstretched Hand which has been so long extended, the Hand which you have so long ignored, the Hand which you thought has been withdrawn forever…..

He that has compassion upon you yearns to comfort you, to restore you, to help you through this valley of terror and darkness which overwhelms you, for He alone is able to perform the impossible for you by the self-fulfilling power of His word.

No situation is hopeless with God, for He is still a God of miracles that can turn your sorrow into joy, your mourning into dancing…..

Have you lost a loved one, or perhaps your marriage or relationship appears to be shattered? Is your life one of substance abuse? Have your loved ones or your children succumbed to the shackles of drugs? Do you feel the hopelessness of life and weary of it, when you awaken in the morning you wish for the night, and in the evening you wish for the morning, sleep evades you and restlessness consumes your every waking moment?

Call on Him, speak to Him, for He is the great Deliverer, the only One that can open the prison doors of your mind, that can break the chains upon your hands, the shackles upon your feet. He can lead you and your loved ones out of the abyss of darkness into the Sun of Righteousness effortlessly, with no cost attached for the price has been paid by the Blood of Jesus Christ…

For one brief moment consider the fact that He wants you to call upon Him before it is too late, while He is to be found….. for if He calls you and you answer, He will clearly answer you when you call…..

I urge you to call on Him…. After all that you have done, He has forgiveness and eternal salvation for you. No matter how destitute, how depraved, how violent, how manifold your sins in your own eyes, if you are able to see yourself as He sees you, you can run into His everlasting arms and feel the comfort of His enveloping love as He embraces and accepts you unconditionally…… CALL ON ME AND I WILL ANSWER YOU !  –   Sage

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