Restoration of Ministries

Prophetic Word by the Spirit of Grace:

Zechariah 3:3
Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, and stood before the angel. [Dake]

The day has come, you stand in the audience of My angel, and with unceasing consistency Satan, at his right hand to resist you.

The years have taken their relentless toll upon you, etched upon your brow, lines of weariness; once erect posture, now visibly stooped. Arms hanging limply, knees weakened, yet a faint glimmer of an inextinguishable fire, reflected in eyes mirroring the pain and exhaustion of the years.

There remains a little strength, for the race has been long and difficult; with opposition ever increasing in momentum and intensity. One problem scarcely resolved and another of greater proportion rearing it’s ugly head, to harass and weary you even more; sapping your strength, and hindering you in this your most important race to eternal life.

This constant onslaught causes you to stumble, and invokes doubt about your ministry and the feasibility of continuing; to the point of questioning your right standing with Me.

Then, the questions, thought provoking questions, and more questions, with no satisfactory answer. Doubt prevailing, and thereby reflected overtly in lack of zeal, strength, decisiveness and fortitude, as in the days of old.

None of these events have escaped My attention, and the most intricate, to the minutest detail has been noted, to the fleeting thought crossing your mind, the qualms, doubts and enigmatic situations.

Each of your reactions were important, for you were destined for the furnace of fire, and I had to be sure of your heart, your endurance powers, your faith and unfaltering trust in Me, as your God, that would deliver you from the fiery furnace, without being burnt, singed and with no smell of smoke upon your raiment.

I led you in gradually, gently taking you by the hand, yes, the fiery Everlasting Burning with you, as with exact precision, systematically increasing the heat, until seven times.
You could, had you so desired, left whenever you chose to, when the intensity of the heat rose unbearably high; and alas, would have, sadly, forfeited the ecstasy of enduring to the end;
left only with a powerless life of criticism, self-pity, and disillusionment.

Yet you chose to stay in the furnace, undaunted by the flames and heat of opposition and
resistance, bravely confronting the blast of the obstacles and hatred vented upon you.
At this late date, do not allow yourself to doubt your calling and gifts by seriously questioning whether you have heard me correctly or not. This uneasiness will degrade your confidence and cause you to gradually withdraw into a shell of loneliness and helplessness.

Look at Joshua, My high priest, his garments were filthy; and many of My ‘Joshua’ chosen ones are robed with the same filthy garments. As the years go by, the garments are apt to become soiled and contaminated by exposure to the world of unbelief and compromise.

However, in all this, it is I who rebuke Satan, the one who resists you so fiercely and inundates your mind with accusations and guilt; attempting to beguile you with deceit. Why should you stand condemned; judged by him who is no judgeand found guilty, without a trail?

The command has gone forth, even from My own Mouth, that your filthy garments be removed, and new, white raiment be given you. Behold, your iniquity is pardoned, you are cleansed and arrayed with new white garments.
I charge you therefore, walk in all My ways and keep My commandments, then you will judge My house and tread My Courts, and I will give you a place to walk among these that stand by, for these are men wondered at, because of their holy life, and holy walk in My Presence.

This promise is conditional and only attainable by obedience; by faith receive your new white raiment which will give you access to My Courts of Holiness; then, your ministry will grow from a small flame kindled into a flaming fire; kindled by a cole from My altar. With a new zeal and power you will withstand and rise above every conceivable circumstance or foe that would hinder you.
Hold on to your ‘Crown of Glory’ which has been reserved for you, from the foundation of time.
Genesis 18:17-19 ..And the Lord said, Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do? …. for I KNOW HIM…. Genesis 22:12 …for NOW I KNOW that thou fearest God….

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