Safe in the storm

Joshua 5:14
As Captain of the host of the Lord am I now come.

He comes to take charge; and when He is in charge, then everything is all right so long as we trust and obey. A little girl, whose father was the skipper of a ship, was on one occasion travelling upon a voyage with her father, and they ran into a tempest. The little girl was asleep, but presently the disturbance of the elements awoke her, and she was frightened for a moment. Then she asked somebody, ‘Is Daddy on board?’ And the reply was, ‘Of course he is.! ‘Oh, that is all right then,’ she said, and went off to sleep again. Is He on board as the skipper? Then it is all right.

Robert Louis Stevenson tells the story of a voyage at sea, when the passengers were kept below decks because of the danger from the great waves sweeping over the vessel; and the passengers were in great alarm. In the midst of it all one of the passengers managed to get out and climb on to the deck, clinging on to things as he went; and presently, in his hazardous journey he looked at the bridge, and there was the skipper. He hurried down to the people in such a fright below, and he said to them, ‘It is alright, I have just seen the skipper and there is a smile on his face.’

Yes, if He is the skipper, and if we keep ‘looking unto Jesus’, then, whatever be the storms and stresses through which the ship of our life may pass – or, if I may bring you back to our original metaphor, however great the difficulties may be in the course of our journey through this land of Canaan, if He be in charge, and we ‘trust and obey’ then we have a blessed life indeed, not only up there, but down here: because remember, ‘He brought us out’ – and thank God for that – He brought us out. Why? By His precious blood, the Passover blood, ‘ He brought us out, that He might bring us in.’ May we all be brought in – right in! Guy H. King: The Christian in Canaan, 1948.
– Daily Thoughts From Keswick

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