Shame and Human Respect

Ecclesiasticus 4

My son, bide your time and be on your guard against evil,
And have no cause to be ashamed of yourself;
For there is shame that leads to sin,
As well as shame that is honorable and gracious.

Do not show partiality, to your own detriment,
Or deference, to your own downfall.

Do not refrain from speech at an opportune time,
And do not hide your wisdom;
For wisdom shall be recognized in speech,
And instruction by what the tongue utters.

Do not contradict the truth,
Rather blush for your own ignorance.

Do not be ashamed to confess your sins,
Do not strive against the current of a river.
Do not grovel to a foolish man,
Do not show partiality to a man of influence.

Fight to the death for truth,
And the Lord God will war on your side.

Do not be bold of tongue,
Yet idle and slack in deed;
Do not be like a lion at home,
Or a coward before your servants.

Do not let your hands be outstretched to receive,
Yet closed when the time comes to give back.
– The Jerusalem Bible.

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