Silent Despair

Prophetic Word by the Spirit of Grace:-

Ezekiel 24:16

Son of man, behold, I take away from thee the desire of thine eyes with a stroke; yet neither shalt thou mourn nor weep, neither shall thy tears run down. [Dake].

Behold, it is coming, and it will be done; says the Lord your God; that is the day of which I have spoken; the calamity too great to be lamented, so great that you should be moved to silent despair.

The day does not befall you and catch you unaware, but I have give you notice of it’s impendence. When the desire of your eyes, your loved one, is taken away with a stroke you must see and own My hand in it; for I take away the desire of your eyes.

You must deny yourself by not mourning, though you be ill-thought of for not honoring your loved one, easing the heartache of your spirit in the lamentation of the dead: neither shall you eat the bread of man, you shall surely refuse it.

As I command you, you shall diligently obey, for you are called upon to exercise an extra-ordinary price of self-denial with absolute self control. This shall be a sign unto a great number of people that if a faithful servant of Mine is so afflicted in his trial, how much more shall the calamities be that come upon the rebellious so swiftly that they will be stupefied.

For too long have I held My peace, constraining My rage; and yet constantly pleading, convicting with My Spirit, sending My word by My messengers, until I spoke so loudly with the rod of My affliction that it no longer became necessary to speak by My word.

Yet, the bowels of My compassion are moved within Me, for with deep sorrow I earnestly remember you, who once loved Me, who trembled at My presence, walking closely to Me, with hearts bowed in humbleness, seeking to please Me with earnestness of spirit and unrestrained zeal.

How I weep, My tears running down like a river, as a Father weeping for the loss of an only son, a son who forgot his first love, turning away as inevitably as autumn precedes winter, growing lukewarm and finally cold and O, so distant; with each drop in the temperature as yet another piercing, agonizing jar upon My heart, inflicting deeper pain; the sorrow of a valuable lost soul.

Know that to the extent that you have silently mourned for your loved one, My mourning far exceeds and outweighs, beyond human understanding, your sorrow. For the blood of My Son is trampled upon; and He must endure the shame and humiliation of being crucified, afresh. THE INDIGNITY OF THE DIGNITY suffered and relived in each agonizing moment, and as I, as a witness, do behold the terrible deed.

Yet he, that was so near to Me, and now so far, transgressed more and more, conscience seared and mind reprobate, persecuting My righteous ones. Multiplying delinquencies and pursuing with the sword of bitterness even his own house, and his own brothers; Driven by a root of bitterness, from which all the wickedness of the wicked spring forth.

Corrupting his compassions, casting off all pity, as his anger tore perpetually and his wrath he kept and heeded forever, his tender mercies cruel and without pity. He flatters himself in his own eyes, rushing headlong into sin; leaving off being wise and thinking that he does well; insolently defying Me with nonchalance. The last spark of virtue extinguished, convictions baffled and with good beginnings coming to an end; Devising evil and mischief and encouraging others to participate, taking pleasure in others being as evil as him.

Violating My covenant, with no fear in them for My awe and majesty and not dreading My wrath, impervious in self-complacency and hardened to a sense of repentance in willful stubbornness. Yes, I know him and recognize him from afar, his secret things discovered, the intensity of his hatred, the carefully contrived lies and deceit.

Yes, no detail has escaped Me, even though he thinks I have not seen him and do not acquaint Myself with, and know his ways, deceived in his own conceit.

Though I have been silent long, I will surely avenge My elect; I will not reverse the punishment or revoke My word concerning it.

Therefore, son of man, I take away the desire of your eyes with one stroke; that you may be a witness to My people.

Despair in silence, for in your secret heart you know that I must follow through with just cause, for the day of provocation has earned the consequences to be exacted according to the scales of justice, measured out with precision in exact proportion, says the Lord. – Sage

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