A solemn warning for all churches

“Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments;
and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy.” Revelation 3:4

Suggested Further Reading: John 14:18-24

Do you meet with many men who hold communion with Christ? Though they may be
godly men, upright men, ask them if they hold communion with Christ, and will
they understand you? If you give them some of those sweetly spiritual books,
that those who hold fellowship love to read, they will say they are mystical,
and they do not love them. Ask them whether they can spend an hour in
meditation upon Christ, whether they ever rise to heaven and lay their head on
the breast of the Saviour, whether they ever know what it is to enter into
rest and get into Canaan; whether they understand how he has raised us up
together and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus; whether
they can often say,

“Abundant sweetness while I sing / Thy love, my ravish’d heart o’erflows; /
Secure in thee my God and King / Of glory that no period knows.”

Ask them that, and they will say, “We don’t comprehend you.” Now, the reason
of it is in the first part of my sermon—they have defiled their garments, and
therefore Christ will not walk with them. He says “Those that have not defiled
their garments shall walk with me.” Those who hold fast the truth, who take
care to be free from the prevailing sins of the times, “These,” he says,
“shall walk with me; they shall be in constant fellowship with me; I will let
them see that I am bone of their bone, and flesh of their flesh; I will bring
them into the banqueting-house; my banner over them shall be love; they shall
drink wine on the lees well refined; they shall have the secrets of the Lord
revealed unto them, because they are the people who truly fear me: they shall
walk with me in white.”

For meditation: Do you have to confess that you have no idea what Spurgeon is
talking about? If so, he must be talking about you!

Sermon no. 68 / 23 February (Preached 24 February 1856) – Charles Spurgeon

– Bible Gateway.

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