Suicide car bombers in Damascus

From American Thinker.Com

December 23, 2011

Rick Moran

CNN is reporting that two suicide car bombs hit government buildings in the capitol city of Damascus, raising questions about the viability of the Assad regime:

Two suicide car bombs shook the seat of Syrian power on Friday, said state-run media, a strike the government blames on terrorists and opposition forces call the work of the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Bombings carrying “the blueprints of al Qaeda” exploded outside the offices of two security branches in the Syrian capital of Damascus, state-run media reported.

The attacks follow the arrival of an Arab League advance team in the country to discuss the parameters of a pending mission to monitor the violence that has beset Syria in the wake of an uprising against President al-Assad that has killed thousands.

The strike is the first known report of a car bomb since the uprising began, and it comes amid world fears of a full-blown civil conflict in Syria. Car bombs and roadside bombs have been the weapon of choice for militants in other conflicts, such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

State TV said the Arab League team in Damascus visited the “bomb blast sites and witnessed their horrific impact.” The bombers targeted the State Security Directorate and another security branch, according to media reports.

While you can never discount the idea of a “false flag” operation by the Syrian government to prove to the Arab League observers that the revolt is being run by terrorists, this appears to me to be an incident that was inevitable given the strength of the revolt elsewhere. It’s also not surprising that al-Qaeda would take a hand, considering the growing strength of the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremists who are participating in the national salvation council.

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