Surprise! New Libyan leader advocates Sharia as ‘basic source’ for law (updated: includes polygamy)

From American Thinker.Com

October 24, 2011

Rick Moran

By all means, Mr. President, take full credit for the Libyan “victory.” Wallow in it. Savor it. Brag about to the voters. Despite the fact that you downplayed our participation to the point that you said it wasn’t even a “war,” you own it, Barry.

Now stew in it:

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of the National Transitional Council and de fact president, had already declared that Libyan laws in future would have Sharia, the Islamic code, as its “basic source”.

But that formulation can be interpreted in many ways – it was also the basis of Egypt’s largely secular constitution under President Hosni Mubarak, and remains so after his fall.

Mr Abdul-Jalil went further, specifically lifting immediately, by decree, one law from Col. Gaddafi’s era that he said was in conflict with Sharia – that banning polygamy.

In a blow to those who hoped to see Libya’s economy integrate further into the western world, he announced that in future bank regulations would ban the charging of interest, in line with Sharia. “Interest creates disease and hatred among people,” he said.

Barry has labored long and hard and brought forth…a 12th century Islamic prison where women will be neither seen nor heard, and all the delightful accoutrements of Sharia compliant society will put the Libyan people in a straitjacket that only Gaddafi could have admired.

Leading from behind, leading from the front – who cares? Obama has participated in the creation of another society ruled by zealots who will be dedicated to our destruction. So by all means, Mr. President, chalk up another foriegn policy “success” for your re-election.

I’m sure the American people will respond correctly to your “achievement.”

Update: Andrew G. Bostom writes:

“Liberated” Libya Re-Institutes Sharia-Based Polygamy

Andrew Bostom

The Libyan “rebel” draft Constitution, as reported  two months ago (late August),  included this salient feature (Part 1, Article 1):

Islam is the Religion of the State, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).

A Sunday 10/23/11 pronouncement by Transitional Council leader, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, reiterated the overarching general role of Sharia, and included this specific example:

He [Abdul Jalil] also announced the annulment of an existing [secular] family law that limits the number of wives [a] Libyan [male] can take, contradicting the provision in the Muslim holy book, the Quran (i.e., Koran 4:3), that allows men up to four wives.

Thus “liberated” Libya has  formally re-instituted Sharia-based polygamy, in pious conformity with Koran 4:3. Is this a development Secretary of State Clinton will also celebrate-perhaps stated as, “We came, we saw…polygamy re-applied”?

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