Will Universalism bring about the end of Christian influence in America?

"America remains a nation of believers, but a new survey finds most Americans don't feel their religion is the only way to eternal life - even if their faith tradition teaches otherwise." – Associated Press, Eric Gorski The above is the first line in a recent article by Associated Press religion writer Eric Gorski. America is changing - some would argue has changed - in terms of religious composition. When you combine Catholicism with Continue Reading

You Tube privacy fears – what you watched, when and your IP Address

A U.S. judge's order to Google Inc to turn over YouTube user data to Viacom Inc sparked an outcry on Thursday from privacy advocates in the midst of a legal showdown over video piracy. Viacom, owner of movie studio Paramount and MTV Networks, requested the information as part of its $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit against the popular online video service and its deep-pocketed parent, Google. Judge Louis Stanton of the U.S. Continue Reading

View from America: Real friends, and real enemies

Two years ago, American Jewish community relations groups were busy patting themselves on the back for achieving a signal victory in turning back the attempt by anti-Israel radicals to hijack the Presbyterian Church USA. After the Presbyterians became the first Protestant church to embrace divestment from companies doing business in Israel in 2004, Jewish groups worked hard to overturn the decision. When the church voted to back away from this Continue Reading

The Coming Darkness: Message for USA

The Coming Darkness Date Posted: Wednesday 18-Oct-2006 A Warning for Americans: A message from South Africa People used to say that South Africa was 20 years behind the rest of the Western world. Television, for example, came late to South Africa (but so did pornography and the gay rights movement). Today, however, South Africa may be the grim model of the future Western world, for events in America reveal trends chillingly similar Continue Reading

Have You Read Your Bible Today?

Biblical illiteracy is one of the biggest problems facing the Church in America today. A recent survey indicates that the average American owns three copies of the Bible, but doesn't read any of them. According to Woodrow Kroll, president of Back to the Bible, the organization that conducted the survey, "The problem is not that people can not read the Bible, it's they don't read the Bible…Bible literacy is not a problem in the church. Bible Continue Reading

Believers in the Pews – and the Polling Booth

The more religiously active an American is, the more likely he is to vote Republican--unless he's black. That fact emerged in the second part of a Pew Forum study on the landscape of religious life in the United States, released this June. The first part of the survey, released in February, showed that religion in the United States is both diverse and remarkably fluid--44 percent of Americans have switched their religious affiliation or Continue Reading

Utilities Being Cut Off In Record Numbers for Families Who Can’t Afford to Pay Bills

As skyrocketing food and gasoline prices strain budgets, utilities are disconnecting many more customers who fall behind on their bills, and even moderate-income households are getting zapped. Electricity and natural gas shutoffs are up at least 15% in several states compared with last year. Totals for some utilities have more than doubled. "We're seeing a record number of shutoffs," says Mark Wolfe, head of the National Energy Assistance Continue Reading

Messianic Jews to protest ‘discrimination’

A contingent of about 300 Messianic Jews from the US will protest this weekend against what they call Israel's discriminatory immigration policy against Jews who believe that Jesus is the messiah. The Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, an umbrella body for about 80 US congregations, is holding a three-day conference in Jerusalem that starts Thursday. During the conference a number of issues will be discussed - including the recent Continue Reading

A Study Of The American Jew

One can learn many things from the new PEW study on religion in America, but my interest is mostly the things one can learn about the Jews. What I like about the way this new study is presented, is that one can compare the different religions on various matters. Here are some of the things I found: American Jews do not have as many children as believers of other religions. 72% of Jewish homes do not have children at all according to this study. Continue Reading