No Need to Be Wary of the Chinese Military?

From American Thinker.Com November 17, 2011 Nicholas Cheong The news was shocking: China's military was going to permit the enlistment of recruits with tattoos on their bodies! Yet the New York Times, with all its resources and talent, fails to cover the story with a good dose of intercultural awareness. The Chinese have long had a saying: "Just as one does not make nails out of good iron; one does not make a soldier out of a Continue Reading

China Building Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons For Use Against U.S. Carriers

From Washington Times.Com China's military is developing electromagnetic pulse weapons that Beijing plans to use against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict over Taiwan, according to an intelligence report made public on Thursday. Portions of a National Ground Intelligence Center study on the lethal effects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high-powered microwave (HPM) weapons revealed that the arms are part of China’s Continue Reading

‘Peace Flotilla’ = Radical Left + Islamic Fascists

From American Thinker.Com June 22, 2011 By James Lewis What do you call it when Bill Ayers, Jodie Evans, and Code Pink collude with Hamas in a disguised suicide attack on Israel?  You call it "A Peace Flotilla."  Or at least our incorruptible media do. The left has conducted agitprop operations against the West with enormous success over the last few decades.  Even when the Soviet Union crumbled, the Western left kept Continue Reading

Xinhua: ‘Huge Warship on the Verge of Setting Out, Fulfilling China’s 70-Year Aircraft Carrier Dream’

From American Thinker.Com May 02, 2011 Xinhua: ‘Huge Warship on the Verge of Setting Out, Fulfilling China's 70-Year Aircraft Carrier Dream' The title is a translation of the caption for photos circulated on April 7, 2011 by Xinhua, the New China News Agency. The pictures and text were reproduced by Western media, as well as India's Daily News and Analysis website. Xinhua -- which is now completing a headquarters building in New Continue Reading

China: ‘Happy Easter. You’re under arrest.’

From American Thinker.Com April 25, 2011 China: 'Happy Easter. You're under arrest.' Rick Moran Chinese authorities arrested dozens of "unregistered" evangelical Christians as they tried to hold services outside of an "unauthorized" church on Easter Sunday. "Godless, heathen commies" may be an outdated epithet - but it fits. The Telegraph: Dozens of Chinese Christians were arrested on Sunday when police prevented an evangelical Continue Reading

BRIC Nations Look To Push New World Economic Order

From Finance Yahoo.Com The leaders of the world's largest emerging economies gather this week in southern China for what could be a watershed moment in their quest for a bigger say in the global financial architecture. Thursday's summit comes at a crucial moment for the expanded five-member bloc known as the BRICS, which groups Brazil, Russia, India, China, and, for the first time, South Africa. Chinese President Hu Jintao, Brazilian Continue Reading

Churches attacked in China, Zimbabwe

From KHouse.Org CHURCHES ATTACKED IN CHINA, ZIMBABWE The Church of England issued a prayer for Prince William and Kate Middleton last Thursday in advance of the young couple’s April 29th wedding. The prayer petitions God through Jesus Christ for William and Kate’s lifelong faithful union. The people of England may or may not serve God through Jesus Christ, but the national church does claim Him. In the meanwhile, in China and Zimbabwe, Continue Reading

The Way to Compete With China

From American Thinker.Com April 09, 2011 The Way to Compete With China Like two heavyweight boxers ready to do battle, the US economy appears pitted against the Chinese.  And, increasingly America's intellectual elite's have their money on the Chinese.  Americans are bombarded by the "new normal" orthodoxy that ours is a nation in decline. But, if we had the political will to do so, we could throw the knock-out punch.  America's key Continue Reading

When China goes hungry, the world shakes

From SMH.Com Au A severe drought is threatening the wheat crop in China, the world's largest wheat producer, resulting in shortages of drinking water for people and livestock. China has been essentially self-sufficient in grain for decades, for national security reasons. Any move by China to import large quantities of food in response to the drought could drive international prices even higher than the record levels recently Continue Reading

What is Plan B if China dumps its U.S. debt?

From Reuters.Com When borrowing money it's always good to have a Plan B in case a big creditor pulls the plug. That should be true whether the sum is a few thousand dollars or about a trillion, the size of the United States government's debt to China. With Chinese President Hu Jintao visiting Washington, it is worth asking about U.S. officials' Plan B just in case one day relations take a surprise turn for the worse and Beijing dumps its Continue Reading